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ams ams - asset management system - plugin enabled build tool with jquery like API

cssproc CSS URL processor

forage-document-processor A library for parsing HTML into any sort of JSON you want

friscjs FRISC processor simulator in JavaScript

grunt-ppem Grunt plugin for PPem

infuse Mainline your node JavaScript for universal consumption.

json-path-processor A common data processor target to process data without running try catch hell

m4 M4 macro processor in pure Javascript

mojito-pipeline A pipelining processor to render asynchronous page models in mojito

objj-acorn JavaScript (ECMAScript) and Objective-J parser with preprocessor.

objj-compiler JavaScript (ECMAScript) and Objective-J compiler with preprocessor

orangevolt-macrop A extensible macro parser/processor implementation recognizing creole style macros/extensions

ppem A source-code pre-processor for 'em all

preprocessor Preprocessor.js: A JavaScript source file preprocessor, e.g. to build different versions of a library.

twitter-processor Twitter streaming processor

windows-cpu CPU monitoring utilities for Node.js apps on Windows.

xslty XSLT 2.0 commandline processor

zorba ZORBA - Modern Query Processor

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