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amazon-product-api Amazon Product Advertising API client

amazon-products A node.js module to crawl product IDs from Amazon.

amazon-reviews A node.js module to crawl product reviews from Amazon.

apa-client An Amazon Product Advertising API client.

aws-prod-adv-signature This is a signature creator for the AWS Product Advertising REST API. Dont try to use this signature method for other AWS API's!!!

generator-landing-page Fork of default Yeoman generator, with optional landing page features such as social buttons and email signup.

hidash Yet another mixin extension of lodash, with join product, toDictionary and filtermap

miaosha miaosha for some websites

mws-product MWS Product module can be used for retrieving product information via Amazon MWS API.

ndarray-matrix-vector-product Dense matrix-vector multiplication

ndgemm Matrix multiplication for ndarrays

price-finder Finds the prices of retail items online

robust-dot-product Exactly computes the dot product between two vectors

robust-scale Multiplies a nonoverlapping increasing sequence of floats by a single float

seneca A Micro-Services Framework for Node.js

simplicial-cartesian-product Cartesian product of simplicial complexes

sitegear3-component-products Products catalogue component for sitegear3.

sphere-product-sync Quick and easy way to sync your SPHERE.IO Products.

two-product Multiplies two floating point numbers together producing a non-overlapping increasing sequence of floats

zebra A barcode parser for Node.js

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