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another-v8-profiler node bindings for the v8 profiler, minus the retain/dominator bits removed from V8

concurix-monitor Concurix monitoring agent

concurixjs Node.js Real-time Visual Profiler and Debugger

cpu-profiler Node bindings for the v8 cpu profiler

custom-debug You have no need to fix your daemon's init scripts to enable debugging and profiling on the fly

exec-time See how much time every step of a script takes to execute

exectimer Very simple module to calculate block execution time.

lightprof A lightweight profiling tool for javascript

look Performance profiler based on nodetime

microprofiler Low-level profiling for node.js: squeeze those microseconds.

node-inspector Web Inspector based nodeJS debugger

node-inspector-sans-ws Web Inspector based nodeJS debugger

node-monkey A Node.js module for inspecting, profiling and debugging Node.js applications through a web browser

node-tick-processor easy-to-install processor for the v8 profiler log

node-tictoc Simple stopwatch timer for profiling operations

nodedev Wrapper for nodemon and node-inspector as a replacement for no longer maintained nodev

nodefly Application Performance Monitoring Agent

nodefly-v8-profiler node bindings for the v8 profiler, minus the retain/dominator bits removed from V8

nodetime Performance Profiler and Monitor

notifymode-client Measures the performance of node.js apps. client portion

perfcollector.js Simple performance measurement tool for javascript

prof Profile, debug, optimize and understand node applications.

profile_time A simple javascript profiler designed to work with node and express, especially helpful with cloud solutions like heroku.

profiler Access the V8 profiler from node.js

profiles Minimal profiling library.

propro Profile tool

react-profiler Simple interface to ReactDefaultPerf

runtimer Simple utillity to measure execution time

sofoque Sofoque (/sɔːˈfɔː.kɛ/) a profiler middleware tospot performance suffocating conditions in express/connect applications

speedcoach Benchmark node.js modules to make them faster and lighter.

statsd-profiler It's a `node-statsd` library for people for whom clean code is important.

statsd-time Leverage nodetime to push samples to statsd

strong-agent Application Performance Monitoring Agent

strong-cpu-profiler Node bindings for the v8 cpu profiler

tick node-compatible v8.log processor

v8-profiler node bindings for the v8 profiler

v8tools V8 profiler and GC bindings

webkit-devtools-agent Webkit devtools agent that leverages remote debugging and profiling of nodejs applications using the built-in webkit inspector.

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