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ardus The mother of all profilers

concurix-monitor Concurix monitoring agent

concurixjs Node.js Real-time Visual Profiler and Debugger

connect-pinba Pinba middleware for Connect

cxnode A tool for invoking your app instrumented by concurix-monitor.

express-jstrace jstrace middleware for express

lightprof A lightweight profiling tool for javascript

look Performance profiler based on nodetime

luc-devutils Performance and debugging utils

microprofiler Low-level profiling for node.js: squeeze those microseconds.

newrelic New Relic agent

node-tick-processor easy-to-install processor for the v8 profiler log

nodefly Application Performance Monitoring Agent

nodetime Performance Profiler and Monitor

nodetrace API-level DTrace Provider

nodprof profiling for node.js using v8 natives

pinba Pinba for Node.js

profile_time A simple javascript profiler designed to work with node and express, especially helpful with cloud solutions like heroku.

profilejs V8 profiling for Express framework

profiler Access the V8 profiler from node.js

profiles Minimal profiling library.

profy Stress test your app and measure performance

speedcoach Benchmark node.js modules to make them faster and lighter.

strong-agent Application Performance Monitoring Agent

timed Simplifies high resolution timing for profiling

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