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carcass-program (Node.js) A simple wrap of commander.js, plus some tools and examples, in Carcass style.

cli-lipsum Canonical example for the command module

esfuzz JS fuzzer for generative testing of parsers that implement the SpiderMonkey Reflect.parse API

grunt-path-check Grunt Task for Checking Existence of Programs on PATH

hum Hum, hum could run grunt inside a specified cwd and search tasks from the given paths.

lipsum Canonical example for the command module

referit-node A module for integrating with Referit.

replcator Read-eval-print loop (REPL) application framework for Nodejs.

semver-c Semantic versioning is back! In C form!

slexer A simple streamable lexer. It transforms text into token objects.

whereis Which/Whereis easy helper, find if a program exists

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