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backbone.projections Various projections for Backbone.Collection

express-partial-response Express middleware for filtering-out parts of JSON responses based on the `fields` query-string.

json-expected-stream Filter stream that enforces only selected JSON object string elements exist and that they exist in order

json-mask Tiny language and engine for selecting specific parts of a JS object, hiding the rest.

json-mask-stream Filter stream that keeps selected JSON object strings that retains selected object structures

perspex 3D to 2D point projector

piccolo Isomorphic projection framework

pj_robin Robinson projection library, port of PJ_robin.c from PROJ.4

plane-to-polygon Converts a plane to a polygon

proj4leaflet Smooth Proj4js integration with Leaflet

reproject Reproject GeoJSON from one projection/CRS to another

sift-projection MondoDB inpired array projection

sphericalmercator Transformations between the Web Mercator projection and Latitude Longitude coordinates

srs Spatial reference library for node

trim-keys Keep or remove certain keys from an object.

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