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lie-rfold fold all of the lies from the right

lie-some lie some why don't you

lie-use use all the lies

lie-zip zip all the lies up

lie-zipwith zip it up with a lie

lift-result lift functions so they can handle Results as if they were plain values

load-image load an image asynchronously, promised.

mach A better way to build web servers

magnolia Beautiful MongoDB wrapper using Q

mako-vow Promises/A+ proposal compatible promises library, forked to include 'fulfill' and fix a context issue

micropromise A+ promises

middleware-object-hooks Object/method based middleware/reduce hooks

milestonejs This is a library of asynchronous flow control, which is based on Promises/A.

mocha-promise Enable support for promises in Mocha tests

mock-promises Library for mocking promises in specs

mongo-sequence Simple sequence generator for node+mongodb

mongodb-async Thin & clean async wrapper for mongodb

mongodb-promise A mongodb-native promise library

mongodb-q Q promise integration for mongodb driver.

mongoise Promise-like wrapper around default MongoClient

mongoose-when jquery style .when(promise, promise) support for mongoose

mongopromise Wrap over Mongoskin for easy access to databases and collections.

monqoise Promise wrapper around default MongoClient using Q

mpromise Promises A+ conformant implementation

mysql-promise Small wrapper for mysql that use promises.

myword Extending ES6 Promises

naive-promesse Naive Promises/A+ implementation

ncall Call a Node callback style function and return a Promise

nested-promise Promise pattern for async tasks. Also handles nested tasks

nicegen nice function support for LiteScript. see:

ninvoke Call a Node callback style method and return a Promise

node-deferred deferred.js for nodejs

nodeify Convert promised code to use node style callbacks

nok-promise Lightweight JavaScript Promise

noob_pact A simple promise library aimed at moving toward being Promises/A+ compliant

nor-fs Asynchronous file system library with chainable Q promises for Node.js

nos simple and powerful promise-based process spawning

o2.then o2.js Deferred Helpers - A Promises/A+ Compliant Deferred Library

octokit Javascript github client for nodejs or a web browser using promises

openrecord Active record like ORM for nodejs

orchard read-through caching via redis via bluebird

owinjs Owin/JS lightweight middleware framework for Node.js, with Promise/A based async tasks. Standards-based replacement for Connect, Express, and Koa, with adapters to call middleware written for latter frameworks.

owinjs-demo Demonstration app for OWIN/JS and the cross platform nodeAppKit native web framework. It runs under both node.js and as a native application on OS/X with no changes.

owinjs-razor An OWIN/JS and javascript implementation of the Razor view template engine

owinjs-router A lean and mean routing middleware for Node.JS using Owin/JS framework

p-promise A simple Promises/A+ library.

p-throttler A promise based throttler capable of limiting execution of parallel tasks

p0 Minimal Promise/A+ implementation.

pachinko Multi pipe promises!

pajamas A wrapper for asynchronous http requests using the q promise library

parallel-es6 Complement for wait.for-es6: Sequential programming for node.js -and the browser-. End of callback hell - Original Wait.for, implemented using upcoming javascript/ES6-Harmony generators

parley Convention-over-configuration flow control

patr Promise-based asynchronous test runner

patter Utilities for iterating through arrays using promises

pevents A prioritized, promising EventEmitter

pfs The promise-based alternative for the node.js fs module

pgpromise Returns promises instead of using callbacks.

pi Promises/A+ proposal compatible promises library

pierre A waiter module. Wait for this id to be served then run this function

pimp Pimp is a small & simple (P)romise/A+ (imp)lementation that I wrote to wrap my head around the spec.

pinky-promise Promises, with a few extra goodies.

pinkypromise A straight-forward Promises/A+ 1.1 implementation

plain-promise Simple promise implementation (for educational purposes)

pledges A micro JS library for promises based on the Promises/A+ specification.

poseidon Simplify Node Callback APIs with an optimized promise layer that doesnt compromise on performance.

poseidon-cassandra A future wrapper around the node-cassandra-cql driver using Poseidon

poseidon-couchbase A future wrapper around the Couchbase driver using Poseidon.

poseidon-memcached A future wrapper around the Node Memcached driver using Poseidon.

poseidon-mongo A future wrapper around the Node Native MongoDB driver using Poseidon.

ppunit Test framework that supports parallelization and promises

pr-request promisified `request` module

pr-request2 promisified `request` module

predis Redis interface with promises

prfun Helper functions for ES6 promises

primus-reply Primus plugin for socket messages that expect replies

prom Simple promises.

promesa easiest way to return a promise from a function

promeso A small Promises/A+ implementation

promesse Emily's Promise/A+

prominent Partially applied DOM event listeners

promisable-bluebird The excelllent bluebird promise module, hacked to behave like Promisables

promise-any-first Utility for working with an array of promises

promise-deferred A lightweight Deferred implementation, on top of Promises/A+

promise-event promise-event -------------

promise-ext An Ecmascript 6 Polyfill which is strictly following specification + Extensions

promise-extended Promises implementation with chainable API

promise-from-hash Promise.all for hash

promise-js ES6 Promise shim

promise-lite Promise implementation

promise-me Code transformer to change Node-style callbacks into promises.

promise-now Barebone Promise/A+ implementation

promise-series Resolve promises in a series

promise-simple Simple implementation of CommonJS Promises/A.

promise-streams A collection of streams that work well with promises (through, map, reduce)

promise-test-helper promise test helper library.

promise-testing a utility for testing promise code

promise-to-test simple set of tools for making things you probably shouldn't do in tests seem nicer. Such as waiting (setInterval) for things to complete, and waiting before continuing actions (setTimeout). Very promise focused, depends on Q.

promise-ts TypeScript promises for Node.js.

promise-utils Collection of promise utils Promises/A+ compliant implementation in object-oriented CoffeeScript

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