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alagator Write algorithms that can be re-used for synchronous and asynchronous code

avow Example Promises/A+ implementation. Simple, tiny, fast, fully async

ayepromise A teeny-tiny promise library

bluebird Full featured Promises/A+ implementation with exceptionally good performance

bluebird-tmp Full featured Promises/A+ implementation with exceptionally good performance

bluecache In-memory, Promises/A+ lru-cache via bluebird

chai-as-promised Extends Chai with assertions about promises.

d.js a tiny promise/A+ library

deferreds Functional utility library for working with Deferred objects

fastemitter A fast implementation of the node EventEmitter core module

fate Futures, Promises and Deferreds. Closure-based implumentation of Promises/A+ spec.

fid-promise Promise/A+ compatible promises that are writen to be easy to read, debuggable, tested and won't break your call stack.

gorge Last + throat = gorge (for when you only care about the latest started async operation, and you only want to run it once at a time)

legendary Legendary is a Promises/A+ compatible promise implementation. It combines promise subclassing with sugar inspired by when.js, Q and async.

micropromise A+ promises

mocha-as-promised Adds “thenable” promise support to the Mocha test runner.

noob_pact A simple promise library aimed at moving toward being Promises/A+ compliant

orchard read-through caching via redis via bluebird

p-promise A simple Promises/A+ library.

pacta An algebraic, Promises/A+ compliant implementation of Promises.

pimp Pimp is a small & simple (P)romise/A+ (imp)lementation that I wrote to wrap my head around the spec.

promise-now Barebone Promise/A+ implementation Promises/A+ compliant implementation in object-oriented CoffeeScript

promiseme Simple implementation of Promises/A+

promises-aplus-tests Compliance test suite for Promises/A+

promisesaplus Minimal Promises/A+ lib

promiz A proper compact promise (promises/A+ spec compliant) library.

q A library for promises (CommonJS/Promises/A,B,D)

q-proxy A promise wrapper that proxies future method calls.

q-step A simple control flow function for JavaScript promises, similar to creationix/step

repl-promised Make any Node.js REPL support promises (Promises/A+).

streamist Enables functional, promised-based interactions with Readable streams.

thenstream Construct a Readable stream from a thenable. Useful if you don't have the actual stream yet.

when A lightweight Promises/A+ and when() implementation, plus other async goodies.

will Flexible futures

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