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mocha-as-promised Adds “thenable” promise support to the Mocha test runner.

mock-promises Library for mocking promises in specs

mongodb-promise A mongodb-native promise library

mongoose-ref-promises A mongoose plugin which adds promise-based population virtual properties to your Models

monqoose Q-style promise support for Mongoose

mysqlp Mysql wrapper with promises

naive-promesse Naive Promises/A+ implementation

ncall Call a Node callback style function and return a Promise

ninvoke Call a Node callback style method and return a Promise

node-simple-router Yet another minimalistic router for node.js

node-then Promise aware wrapper for Node modules

noob_pact A simple promise library aimed at moving toward being Promises/A+ compliant

noq noQ: Micro promises library

openex-promises client API module for nodejs

p-promise A simple Promises/A+ library.

pacta An algebraic, Promises/A+ compliant implementation of Promises.

pangako A bare bones Javascript Promises/A+ implementation.

pgpromise Returns promises instead of using callbacks.

pimp Pimp is a small & simple (P)romise/A+ (imp)lementation that I wrote to wrap my head around the spec.

pinky-promise Promises, with a few extra goodies.

pinkyswear Minimalistic Promises/A+ implementation, <500 bytes

pooldis Redis client with pooled connections and promises

pr node builtins wrapped for promises

pr-request promisified `request` module

pr-request2 promisified `request` module

prfun Helper functions for ES6 promises

prim Promise lib for use inside requirejs-related projects

proceed fluent flow control without the boilerplate

producers Framework for abstracting nuances of asynchronous coding.

promeso A small Promises/A+ implementation

prometido promise helpers (wip)

promisable-bluebird The excelllent bluebird promise module, hacked to behave like Promisables

promiscuous-denodeify Convert node style callbacks into a promiscuous promise

promise-any-first Utility for working with an array of promises

promise-deferred A lightweight Deferred implementation, on top of Promises/A+

promise-it-wont-hurt This is a Workshop module for learning about promises in node.js

promise-js ES6 Promise shim

promise-now Barebone Promise/A+ implementation

promise-object promise-object wrapper for any type of promise

promise-test-helper promise test helper library.

promise-ts TypeScript promises for Node.js. Promises/A+ compliant implementation in object-oriented CoffeeScript

promiseback Accept an optional node-style callback, and also return a spec-compliant Promise!

promised-csv A simple CSV parser with promise and event interface.

promised-traits Library that mixes traits and promises and allows writing linear to do async stuff.

promised-utils Utils for promises.

promiseme Simple implementation of Promises/A+

promisemonkey Easily convert objects, functions and METHODs to the Q promise API

promises-a A bare bones implementation of Promises/A intended to pass while being as small as possible

promises-aplus-tests Compliance test suite for Promises/A+

promises-pattern Fulfill Promises/A+ pattern

promisesaplus Minimal Promises/A+ lib

promisespromises 'Promises, Promises...' is a a self-contained JavaScript (via TypeScript) implementation of the Promises/A+ 1.1 specification (and Deferred provider), suitable for inclusion in larger libraries and projects. This implementation provides the core functionality and extensions required to leverage asynchrony / tasks / futures / promises within any project or library (including browsers and Node.js), facilitating simpler, more expressive, more maintainable code.

promiseus promise oriented wrappers for api resources and aws services

promisified-request Yet another implementation for a module that promisifies mikeal's request module

promisifier A simple callback that turns every Async function into promise.

promiz A proper compact promise (promises/A+ spec compliant) library.

ptrace easily trace execution order of your promise-based program

q A library for promises (CommonJS/Promises/A,B,D)

q-db Promise utilities for Sequelize models

q-flow Flow control (loops, arrays, etc) with promises and Q.

q-github Q Promise-based wrapper around node github API

q-lazy Q lazy promise resolution

q-mongodb Q (promises) wrapper for the mongodb node.js package

q-plus-plus Flow control (loops, arrays, etc) with promises and Q.

q-proxy A promise wrapper that proxies future method calls.

q-step A simple control flow function for JavaScript promises, similar to creationix/step

q-xhr XMLHttpRequest (ajax) using powerful Q promises

qall lift functions of arity > 1 into a Promises/A+ chain

qdomain Capture async exceptions to promises using domains

qed wire up express routes to promise-returning functions

qejs Asyncronous Embedded JavaScript Templates with Q

qequire Promisify modules as you require them

qmongo Simple helper to use Q promises with Mongoose

qpatch Module for patching JS Classes using callbacks to use Q promises

qping A simple ping wrapper using a promise libary (Q).

qplus Common & useful patterns with promises (Q)

qtils Utilities for Q control flow.

qtraceroute Wrapper around native traceroute command using promises (Q) based on

qtree Promises in chains

qunit-promises QUnit plugin that adds assertions to check promises quickly

qx A set of LINQ-like extensions to Q for working with arrays of promises.

raddish Another MVC framework.

rawr JSON-RPC over WebSockets

repl-promised Make any Node.js REPL support promises (Promises/A+).

reql-then Promisify ReQL queries

resolved a promises/a compliant `when`, but for objects instead of arrays

resolver-macro A sweet.js macro for creating a promise-resolving function.

restler-q Q Wrapper for Restler

restler-when when wrapper for Restler

risposta functions from async.js implemented using promises

rql-promise Turn RethinkDB's RQL queries into promises

rsvp A lightweight library that provides tools for organizing asynchronous code

rsvp-that-works A lightweight library that provides tools for organizing asynchronous code that actually works with NPM because I am too impatient to wait for tomhuda to try to publish again

rsvp-tools A set of tools for wrapping asynchronous APIs in RSVP promises

sawtooth data access pattern for tiered-locality data access

shortcircuit asynchronous short circuit evaluation

simple-router Simple-router is a middleware-compatible router with support for promises.

sinon-as-promised Sugar methods for using sinon.js stubs with promises

spai Spai = simplest promises aplus implementation

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