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ahead An experiment with promises

alagator Write algorithms that can be re-used for synchronous and asynchronous code

amqp-as-promised Promise wrappers for node-amqp

angular-promise-cache AngularJS service that provides a generic way to cache promises and ensure all cached promises are resolved correctly.

api-chain A light and easy to use interface for creating fluent, chainable javascript APIs in Node.js or PhantomJs

arraypromise An promise, on which you can apply array methods. For when you are sure the promise will return an array!

asset-gopher Promise-based asset loader designed for fetching resources from remote machines in a browser

assure Promises/A+ micro library

augur tiny little promises, cooked to perfection.

avec Eventual ES5 array operations using promises

avow Example Promises/A+ implementation. Simple, tiny, fast, fully async

await Set-theoretical promises

ayepromise A teeny-tiny promise library

azure-tables-promises Turns the Azure Tables Node.js API into promises

backbone-events-promises Adds promise functionality to Backbone.Events.trigger()

blue-tape Tape test runner with promise support

bluebird Full featured Promises/A+ implementation with exceptionally good performance

bluebird-as Higher Level functions on top of bluebird

bluebird-tmp Full featured Promises/A+ implementation with exceptionally good performance

blutils Utilities for bluebird control flow.

bogart-resource Model and Controller web framework built on Bogart, utilizing Promsises for control flow.

bond.js promise/a+ implementation

branches Node.js flow control system for promises

bredele-doors Door asynchronous pattern

callback-as-promised Don't keep promises you can't keep.

callbackify backwards compatibilify your callback functions while migrating apis to promises

cancellation A method for making async operations cancellable

cgminer API client for CGMiner Bitcoin miner

chai-as-promised Extends Chai with assertions about promises.

chai-changes Change assertions for the Chai assertion library

charybdis drain an object stream and wrap it in a promise

child-process-promise Simple wrapper around the "child_process" module that makes use of promises

cls-bluebird Make bluebird work with the continuation-local-storage module.

cls-q Make your promises play nice with the continuation-local-storage module.

clues Lightweight dependency solver for aync functions, using promises.

coastline A desperate attempt at a proper stack in JavaScript

comb A framework for node

compound-signal Dispatch after multiple signals are triggered

CompoundSignal Special Signal that groups multiple Signals together and dispatches after all the group elements are dispatched.

concurrent Promises/A+ with Scala awesomeness

confetti Promise decorator built on top of rsvp.js.

connect-session-as-promised Because connect sessions depend too heavily on `this`

connective-promise boolean (true/false) and first order (some/every) logic with promises

contra Asynchronous flow control with a functional taste to it

cot promise-based CouchDB library with no surprises (in a good way)

covenant Covenant is a tight and performant Promises/A+ implementation written in Coffeescript. Covenant passes the Promises/A+ Test Suite (Version 1.1).

cujo The Unframework: wire.js, curl.js, cram.js, when.js, cola.js, aop.js, poly.js, canh(az).js, robo.js, pile.js

data.future A monad for time-dependant values, providing explicit effects for delayed computations, latency, etc.

dbeasy Promise-based wrapper for postgresql driver that makes easy what should be easy while protecting your foot.

dead-simple-promises promises with very simple semantics and high performance

deferred Modular and fast Promises implementation

Deferred A port of the jQuery Deferred library to node js.

dis-redis Redis client with pooled connections and promises

dns-then Promise aware wrapper for Node's dns module

dom-futures DOM promises for browsers and node.js

drupal-services Promise-base NodeJS REST wrapper for Drupal Services 3.x API.

es6-promise A polyfill for ES6-style Promises, tracking rsvp

es6-shim ECMAScript 6 (Harmony) compatibility shims for legacy JavaScript engines

etseq classical synchrony

express-clues Provide clues as an express API

faithful Like Async, but employing promises.

faithful-exec Wraps child_process.exec, returning a promise.

fantasy-async Wrap Node.js callback functions in functional promises

fantasy-promises Fantasy Land compatible monadic promises

fate Futures, Promises and Deferreds. Closure-based implumentation of Promises/A+ spec.

forallasync Like forEachAsync and Join had a baby: sequences out n batches of async functions rather than all at once. Part of FuturesJS (Browser, Node.js, Bower, Pakmanager)

fs-then Promise aware wrapper for Node's fs module

fsq Node.js FS with Q.js

future The promise / subscribe / deferred module of FuturesJS (Ender.JS and Node.JS)

futures An async flow-control library for JavaScript (Browser and NodeJS)

futurism Fast, sorta-sane and impure monadic Promise implementation.

git-control Git operations

give-me A simple js library to manage deferred functions with a callbacks-style syntax

glutils The set of the utilities needed to code like Greg Little does

gorge Last + throat = gorge (for when you only care about the latest started async operation, and you only want to run it once at a time)

hamjest A JavaScript implementation of Hamcrest

hapi-bookshelf Hapi plugin for working with Bookshelf promises

hapi-promise A hapi plugin that allows you to return promises in your request handlers

heya-async Asynchronous utilities: promises, deferreds.

holdup Wrangle CommonJS Promises.

increment-fire A simple way of keeping track of asynchronous events.

iou A JavaScript promise API.

jasmine-as-promised Extensions to Jasmine unit testing to transparently support Promises in async testing scenarios

jasmine-node-promises Duck punches jasmine-node to support returning promises from `it` blocks

jasync Javascript asynchronous programming library

join The join / synchronize module of FuturesJS (Browser, Node.js, Bower, and Pakmanager)

jquery-dom Wrapper on jsdom that includes jquery libary and promises

jspipe JS/Pipe - coordinating asynchronous code without callbacks or chained functions

kew a lightweight promise library for node

laissez-faire A promise class

last A small helper for getting only the last result of an asynchronous operation you perform multiple times in a row.

lateral Like forEachAsync and Join had a baby: sequences out n batches of async functions rather than all at once. Part of FuturesJS (Browser, Node.js, Bower, Pakmanager)

lazypromise lazy promises which start on then

legendary Legendary is a Promises/A+ compatible promise implementation. It combines promise subclassing with sugar inspired by when.js, Q and async.

lies Because, sometimes, you have no intention of keeping that promise.

mach A better way to build web servers

memoblock Write super-clean async code with promises.

meta-promise ES Harmony Proxy based promise library.

minq fluent queries for mongodb using Promises/A+

mocha-as-promised Adds “thenable” promise support to the Mocha test runner.

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