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arguable Usage-first argument parser.

ask ask user prompt for nodejs

asks Asks is a node.js wrapper for read(1).

bios A basic input output system for nodejs

choices choices - a helper function for prompting the user with multiple choices

cli-prompt A tiny CLI prompter

cline Command-line apps building library for Node

cmdl A simple, yet powerful command-line interface builder

co-prompt simple terminal user input 'co'

command_input a lightweight solution for node.js command-line input

commander the complete solution for node.js command-line programs

commander-plus the complete solution for node.js command-line programs

config-tree A reworking of npm's init-package-json to make reusable prompt-based CLIs for making config.json files.

expandable UNIX shell style file globbing in that painlessly ports to Windows.

generator-node-cli Kickstart a command line application for node.js.

grunt-prompt Interactive prompt for your Grunt config using console checkboxes, text input with filtering, password fields.

gulp-prompt Add interactive console prompts to gulp

init-package-json A node module to get your node module started

inquirer A collection of common interactive command line user interfaces.

ltcdr the complete solution for node.js command-line programs

nor-ps1 Simple CLI utility to format custom bash PS1 prompt

osenv Look up environment settings specific to different operating systems

powerline a powerline-style shell prompt builder

promfig Completes a given config by prompting the user for the missing properties.

prompt-git-status returns git status summary for prompt

prompt-input Prompt user inputs with styling

prompt-popover Popover prompt component

prompter create json files, prompting for input and evaluating expressions

promptly Simple command line prompting utility

promptsj the worst package ever. Simple extended prompt i use for running javascript and shell at the same time. Use it if you want.

pure-prompt Pretty, minimal and fast ZSH prompt

pw prompt for passwords on the command line

readline-sync Synchronous Readline

shell-prompt Get the PS1 or prompt variable based on your shell type

shotgun Shotgun is a UI agnostic command shell. It allows you to quickly and easily write commands and plug them into the shell framework. Unlike most other options modules or command line tools, shotgun does not make any assumptions about the UI. Shotgun could b

simple-prompt Simple CLI prompt for Node

snowy-owl-config A fork of Isaac Schlueter's init-package-json for use with creating the config options for Snowy Owl.

tcb-commander the complete solution for node.js command-line programs

tidy-prompt A tidy, unobtrusive, fixed position command prompt

yesno A simple library for asking boolean questions in cli programs

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