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backbone-properties use Backbone.Model attributes as plain object properties

browserify-properties Allow files to Browserified

chai-properties check partially object properties with chai

cocktail CocktailJS is a small library to explore traits, talents, inheritance and annotations concepts in nodejs - Shake your objects and classes with Cocktail!

copy-to copy an object's properties to another object

d Property descriptor factory

def A JavaScript library for creating complex objects and properties, intuitively.

dekeywordify A browserify transform for escaping keyword property names for older JavaScript engines.

eivindfjeldstad-dot Get and set object properties with dot notation

enumerate-properties Enumerates, get and set objects properties in a dot notation format

extract Extract specific properties from objects and generate new one.

field Easily set and get values of a field in your JavaScript object.

getobject get.and.set.deep.objects.easily = true

gofigure Configuration helper for node

grab-bag Easily loads and stores system resources

java-properties Reads and interpolates Java .properties files

jobject A class that adds properties to your class that are easily overriden and maintain direct accessors. Similiar to objective-c @property and @synthesize.

json2property Given a Target Directory will go through and convert json files into properties files

jsprops Properties for JavaScript Prototypes. Class based. Extended by a Signal implementation.

laws Verifications for Monad laws according to fantasy-land.

laze lazy properties

line-info Gather information about a line based on content and cursor position

list-methods Easily generate a JSON or markdown list (sorted array) of property names of all enumerable properties, own and inherited, of objects that have function values.

minecraft-server-properties Parse and stringify the Minecraft file format

ngraph.expose Adds getters and setters to subeset of object's properties

node-props Read properties from multiple URIs provided on the command line.

nodutils Node utilities to manage common operations over: string, numeric, array, date, file, url, cache, properties files, geocoding

normalize-pkg Normalize values in package.json to improve compatibility, programmatic readability and usefulness with third party libs.

nropf A really simple module to use property file as read-only map

O Make objects show you their O-face

object-assign ES6 Object.assign() ponyfill

object-values Get the values of an object

objobjwalk walk the object definitions of an object, modify them with a function.

obs Observable properties done right.

own Simple `propertiesObject` creation for use with `Object.create()`

properties .properties parser/stringifier

properties-parser A parser for .properties files written in javascript

properties-reader Properties file reader for Node.js

property-handlers Utility for mapping object properties to handler functions

property-names Get all property names of an object including those in the prototype chain

property-path Get and set object properties by path where you can specify the separator.

proteus A declarative way of creating objects, properties, and classes in ES5 JavaScript

prr A better Object.defineProperty()

rename-keys Modify the names of the own enumerable properties (keys) of an object.

renameify A browserify transform for renaming variables.

sjsclass sjsClass - Simple JavaScript Class - Inheritance

sn-props Read properties from multiple URIs provided on the command line.

tpyo A simple ES6 proxy wrapper that enables you to make typos in property names.

turf-remove turf remove module

valid-css-props Check for the validity of a CSS property name.

vals Extracts property values of an object.

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