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gpb Pure node.js Google Protocol Buffers implementation

joyentriak Riak client with support for HTTP and Protocol Buffers

node-protobuf-client Google protobuf based client

node-protobuf-server Google protobuf based server

pbnj JavaScript protocol buffer schema parser and template based code generator

proto2json Google Protocol Buffers .proto files to JSON converter

protobuf-message-monitor Protobuf Message Monitor

protobuf-parser protobuf specification parser. streaming.

protobuf-stream Adds simple message streaming functionality to node version of protobuf module.

protobuf.js a pure javascript protocol buffer encoding implementation, written specifically for riak

protobufjs A full-featured protobuf implementation in plain JavaScript.

protosocket Hassle-free protobuffer for any type of server or client, TCP, TLS, HTTP or Websockets.

protractor-polyglot Make protractor speaking something different !

pson A super efficient binary serialization format for JSON.

riakpbc RiakPBC is a low-level Riak 1.4 proto buffer client.

riakproto a proto2json conversion of riak's proto files

varint protobuf-style varint bytes - use msb to create integer values of varying sizes

zen.js Pure js driver for Riak

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