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async-protocol An async, call-return-throw oriented protocol

async-protocol-web An async, call-return-throw oriented protocol

beep A BEEP protocol implementation for node.js

bittorrent-dht Simple, robust, BitTorrent DHT implementation

bittorrent-protocol Simple, robust, BitTorrent peer wire protocol implementation

bittorrent-swarm Simple, robust, BitTorrent swarm implementation

callosum Self-balancing distributed services protocol

cmdsrv simple text protocol command server

convojs a simple stream wrapper for chatty protocols

daily-protocol daily - The protocol encoder and decoder for network communcation

ddp Node.js module to connect to servers using DDP protocol.

ddpclient Node.js module to connect to servers using DDP protocol.

devicestack This module helps you to represent a device and its protocol.

ee-protocol-json simple JSON streaming protocol. transmitts & receives JSON objects.

enet The ENet Networking Library cross compiled to javascript

erk RFC-compliant IRC protocol lib

eslint-tap TAP formatter (reporter) for ESLint

ether-frame Manipulate ethernet frame headers

faucet human-readable TAP summarizer

frap A Socket wrapper that provides simple framing protocol

ftp-response-parser Parser for FTP server responses

gab A module to help implement command/response protocols

get-uri Returns a `stream.Readable` from a URI string

git-fetch-pack git's smart fetch-pack protocol

git-transport-protocol a r/w stream that wraps a r/w stream and formats the data according to the git transfer protocol

gopher-menudle create Gopher menus with ease

grunt-ftp Upload files to an FTP-server

gulp-ftp Upload files to an FTP-server

hessian.js Hessian Serialization written by pure JavaScript, support all kind of types in Java.

higgs Implementation of the Higgs Boson protocol.

hprotocol Streaming human readable command protocol

http-stack A `StreamStack` implementation of the HTTP protocol.

httplike library for parsing http-like protocols

i.js JavaScript interface assertion library

icanhazprotocol Easily create binary protocols in Node.JS

imp-client IMP client

iowamp WAMP™ server in NodeJS

irc-protocol Streaming parser and serialiser for IRC protocol data

ircp IRC protocol library.

jkroso-protocol An object orientated take on protocols

jsftp A sane FTP client implementation for NodeJS

jsftp-mkdirp Recursively create nested directories with jsftp, like mkdirp

json-line-protocol Stream protocol handler for CRLF-delimited JSON values

kannel Kanel.js: Is a ipc protocol implemented in full javascript, it allow to write a powerfull kannel smsbox with nodejs

komponist A simple, yet flexible, client for MPD, the hackable headless audio playback server.

machine-protocol A simple machine communicating protocol

mcnet Bindings to the libmcnet Minecraft network protocol parser library

mcquery minecraft query protocol wrapper for node

memcache-server-stream duplex stream implementation of memcache server protocol. pipe any net connection to add mc support to your node server

memcached-stream High performance streaming memcached ascii parser.

method Functional polymorphic method dispatch

methodical JavaScript interface assertion library

microjs Binary protocol buffer for javascript

minecraft-protocol Parse and serialize minecraft packets, plus authentication and encryption.

modbus-stack A `StreamStack` implementation of the MODBUS protocol.

mpd music player daemon client

nat-pmp Node.js implementation of the NAT Port Mapping Protocol

nepl nepl supports asynchronous and reliable connection protocol

netbuffer General purpose & network buffer extensions.

network-constants a bunch of network (mainly HTTP) constants for js programs (node + browser), AMD

nodeftpd Flexible, light-weight FTP server

nossock Small lib for implementing lightweight protocols on top of TCP/TLS

nydus-protocol Encoder/decoder for nydus, a simple RPC/PubSub protocol designed for use over WebSockets.

otr Off-the-Record Messaging Protocol

otr3 OTR Messaging Protocol [native libotr3.2.x]

otr3-em Off-the-Record Messaging Protocol [emscripten libotr3.2.1]

otr4 OTR Messaging Protocol [native libotr4.0.0]

otr4-em Off-the-Record Messaging Protocol [emscripten libotr4.0.0]

pbf a protocol buffer implementation in javascript

pbnj JavaScript protocol buffer schema parser and template based code generator

peer-wire-protocol Stream implementing the peer wire protocol used in bittorrent

polytalk Polytalk is a simple protocol which allows communication between different languages via TCP.

proto2json Google Protocol Buffers .proto files to JSON converter

protobuf.js a pure javascript protocol buffer encoding implementation, written specifically for riak

protocb remote callback protocol for Node.js

protocol Protocol based polymorphism for javascript.

protocol-numbers Assigned Internet Protocol Numbers (from

protosocket Hassle-free protobuffer for any type of server or client, TCP, TLS, HTTP or Websockets.

redis-mass Node.js package to encode a sequence of Redis commands into Redis protocol, suitable for mass insertion

registry-validator Validate your npm registry implementation, check if it correctly implements the npm protocol.

revision Realtime collaboration tool.

riak-pb Riak Protocol Buffers Client

scep Node.js SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol) module

sdnv Self-Delimiting Numeric Value Codec

sermone Sermone, a Redis protocol encoder.

sierra-conversation Node module which provides fluent testing of complex TCP servers and protocols.

stomp Implementation of the STOMP protocol in node.js

stratum Stratum protocol server and client for node.js

stream-stack Filter low-level `Stream` instances into stackable, protocol-based streams.

telnet-protocol Telnet protocol support

uristream Stream from URI-based resources

utp utp (micro transport protocol) implementation in node

valassis.dde.common.stomp Implementation of the STOMP protocol in node.js

wait-for-stream Wait for some data to become available on a stream

wpnp-crypto An encryption library for the WinMX Peer Networking Protocol.

xfer A simple, general purpose, TLV-like binary protocol

yamlish Parser/encoder for the yamlish format

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