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31i73-class simple node.js class library

abstract Abstraction of JavaScript Objects.

alamid-class Easy prototype inheritance

alter-ego Extensible type definitions

array-model Extension of native Array object to make it a collection model

aug a library to augment objects and prototypes

augment The world's smallest and fastest classical JavaScript inheritance pattern.

bindle A lightweight EventEmitter-like API for JavaScript classes, best suited for games.

cextend Prototype Class extender

chic Chic is an extremely simple class-like interface to JavaScript prototypal inheritance

clase JavaScript inheritance

class A simple yet powerful Ruby-like Class inheritance system

Class Port of Prototype.js inheritance implementation for Node.js.

class-js2 Simple and powerful class utility to allow the easy use of OOP in JS. Includes inheritance, mixins, abstract classes, inherited statics, and more.

class-wolperting Post-modern oriented objects in Javascript

class4js The class4js module is for class-driven development in JavaScript. It allows to emulate classes in JavaScript. Module is based on ECMAScript 5 standart and implements open/close principle: 'A module should be open for extension but closed for modifications'

classifyjs Classify.js is a library that allows for cross platform and cross browser Object Oriented Javascript class definitions using classical inheritance and namespaces behind the prototype syntax in an easy to use interface function.

classifyjs-observer Classify-Ovserver is a mutator for Classify.js[] that allows for simple getters and setters, and on value change events listeners for object properties.

clazzy A cross platform JavaScript library that provides a classical interface to prototype inheritance using a simple DSL inspired by Ruby.

cleanse Remove reserved keys like hasOwnProperty, toString, etc. on objects recursively

clone-stats Safely clone node's fs.Stats instances without losing their class methods

cls Class factory featuring inheritance of static properties, static constructors, lazy population of prototypes, and this._super.

Cls Simple class abstraction in JavaScript

coco-js Add CoffeeScript prototype alias operator (::) to JavaScript

create The missing Native.create() functions that ECMA forgot.

createclass A fully functional OOP framework that's still based on JavaScript's own OOP understanding, tools and syntax (i.e. Prototyping).

ctor A simple and familiar prototypal system

dbjs In-memory database engine

decors a simple, temporary, reusable reverse proxy, with benefits. designed for prototyping js apps by serving static files, live code reloads, and CORS bypassing

derive Multiple inheritance (well, sort of)

derives 试着写个派生

descend Function to set up an inherited class that calls its ancestor constructors automatically. Can also be attached to constructors.

dress missing javascript prototypes(experimental)

edjes NodeJs utilities

embryo The most simple, customizable and easy to use JavaScript standard inheritance library

es5-class A Class object that enables native prototypal inheritance

es5class Prototypal inheritance based on ES5 Object.create and Object.defineProperty for node.js and modern browsers

extension Framework for selectively extending JavaScript objects.

extensions Doin' freaky nasty things to the built in prototypes.

fast-class A faster and easier way to define Javascript Prototypal Inheritance: `classes` and `mixins`

fn-colors Add colors methods to Function.prototype

fromjson The simplest and most obvious remote object superclass that I could think of.

functionary functionary is a small library that extends the function core prototype for expanded functionality for Browser or NodeJS development. It is similar to Prototype.js or sugar.js but only for functions.

functioncreate create functions with prototypal inheritance

fusing Prototype fusion

generator-prototype The scaffolding project for better prototypes

generator-sketch Yeoman generator

generator-stereotypejs Generator default for StereotypeJS

grunt-ogel Grunt task for the ogel templating system

heir Makes prototypical inheritance easy and robust

hextiles-prototype A standalone demo. Hexagonal tile server. Player character. No collisions. WASD controls.

inherit Inheritance module for Node.js and browsers

inherit-js inheritance for javascript

iz-objects Robust Object System with an easy-to-remember syntax, prototypical and class-like inheritance, mixins and other OO niceties.

jahcode Scala like Classes and Traits in JavaScript

js-py-proto Use your favorite Python builtins in Javascript.

jsextend Extentions to the Javascript language

kayclass A Class implementation for JavaScript

klass Class provider with classical inheritance interface

klazz A set of simple prototypal inheritance conventions for NodeJS

lazy-extendable Lazy and unobturisve JavaScript inheritance

lazy-js Lazy instruments for functions

lazycon chain together lazy constructors

martel Martel is a micro framework to help you prototype out your site ideas.

mi The simplest and most obvious way to use multiple inheritance in Javascript that I could think of.

mikebase Class-free, pure prototypal inheritance

missing.js The missing prototype utility functions for JavaScript

monoclass MONOCLASS, a compiler of JSON-based classes using Node.JS

nativity Safely install functions on object prototypes.

neon Javascript DSL for Classical Inheritance

nobleclass A Class implementation inspired by Backbone classes

node-class Javascript Class system (Object oriented). Support Interfaces, Classes, Extends/Implements.

node-classjs Simple, elegant inheritance for your JavaScript

node-simple-extend A simple JavaScript constructor inheritance utility

nodeclass Smart classes for node.js

o JavaScript utility belt for rich objects and prototypes. Ooooh!

objectfactory A modular JavaScript inheritance library that works nicely with browserify, CommonJS or just vanilla JavaScript.

objex Easy prototype and static methods inheritance via inheritedBy method

oop.js ## 介绍

paladin javascript object composition library

pro Accelerated prototype development with web technologies

promise-object promise-object wrapper for any type of promise

protein Protein is http prototype mixins for Node.js

proto A prototype-based inheritance library that makes it easy to create objects and inheritance hierarchies without losing the power of javascript's prototype system.

proto-merge Create an Object prototype chain based on hierarchy.

proto-scope Writes objects without `class`, but in the prototype way.

proto-star Proxy-based Self-and-Slate-inspired slow-as-fuck multiple-delegation for ECMAScript6-aka-JavaScript

protodict a reliable dictionary with prototypal inheritance.

protomatter A simple tool for constructor-less prototypal inheritance in JavaScript.

prototype-emitter Define EventEmitter listeners on a class instead of each individual instance

prototype-server a simple file server that can be infinitely extended using hooks

prototype4node prototype4node is an attempt to bring the power and simplicity of the prototypejs library, to NodeJS.

prototypes Some common prototypes for node.js: string.startsWith(), object.countProperties() and more. Functions are added using Object.defineProperty() to avoid polluting new objects.

quackbaker create prototypes from interfaces and mixins via interfascist

restish Restish serves JSON objects

robot A feature limited static HTML generator for rapid prototyping or simple websites. Similar to FireApp, Hammer or Mixture but with the speed and cross-platform compatibility of Node.js.

selfish Class-free, pure prototypal inheritance

server-proto A protocol independent server framework

simile A small library which attempts to push prototypal inheritance to its natural conclusions in JavaScript. For ECMAScript 5.

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