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aclass A small but powerful wrapper over JavaScript's prototype system that eases the creation of classes.

boo Core prototypical primitives for Object Orientation/Composition.

define-object A bit of sugar for defining Objects and their prototypes.

fromjson The simplest and most obvious remote object superclass that I could think of.

metatype a simple bit of code for using objects and prototypes as if you were writing javascript.

mi The simplest and most obvious way to use multiple inheritance in Javascript that I could think of.

o JavaScript utility belt for rich objects and prototypes. Ooooh!

protolang A programming language that compiles to JavaScript and emphasizes prototypes, integrity, and syntax.

prototypes Some common prototypes for node.js: string.startsWith(), object.countProperties() and more. Functions are added using Object.defineProperty() to avoid polluting new objects.

simile A small library which attempts to push prototypal inheritance to its natural conclusions in JavaScript. For ECMAScript 5.

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