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base-framework An object prototype building framework

caller-of The tiniest yet most powerful JS utility ever :D

createclass A fully functional OOP framework that's still based on JavaScript's own OOP understanding, tools and syntax (i.e. Prototyping).

emulator A simple server for emulating an API

event-target W3C EventTarget Interface / Mixin

generator-lo A Yeoman generator for prototyping static sites with jekyll, grunt, bower and compass

generator-sketch Yeoman generator

generator-ui-prototype Yeoman generator to create HTML prototypes using Jade, AngularJS, and LESS.

grunt-init-proto grunt-init template for a jekyll static site. Includes compass, bower and grunt support.

json-server Serves JSON files through REST routes.

jsonplaceholder A simple fake REST API server for testing and prototyping.

polpetta Creates a web server in any folder and with runtime node.js modules capability plus get, post data and more

rad a Rapid Application Development to quickly create fake datatypes for prototyping

skin Tightly coupled, non-MVC framework for prototyping

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