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actionhero-oauth2-provider ActionHero OAuth2 Provider

anyfetch-provider Create providers for Anyfetch.

crafity-config Configuration file module

crafity-logging Generic logging provider

crafity-mailer Crafity Email Module

crafity-storage Generic storage provider. Single interface or abstraction for different databases.

error-provider Manages errors for third-party modules

ims-lti Module for building an LTI Tool Provider and accept LTI launch requests

iostreams-file File stream provider for iostreams

iostreams-http HTTP stream provider for iostreams

iostreams-https HTTPS stream provider for iostreams

iostreams-s3 File stream provider for iostreams

logprovider NodeJs LogProvider

ng-dialog Modal dialogs and popups provider for Angular.js applications

oauth20-provider OAuth 2.0 provider toolkit for nodeJS

saml2 SAML 2.0 IDP-agnostic transports and logic

skylith NodeJS-based OpenID 2.0 Provider

soundbank-inherit Inherit descriptor from target audio slot and override specified attributes.

soundbank-multi Repeat template descriptor for every item in input array, replacing placeholder with current item.

soundbank-scale Use with soundbank-inherit to distribute a series of audio-slots across a musical scale.

soundbank-slice Use with soundbank-inherit to slice an audio sample across the desired amount of audio-slots.

strider-git Strider provider for git repositories

strider-local Provides local repositories

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