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abaaso abaaso is a modern, lightweight Enterprise class RESTful JavaScript application framework.

api-fixture-proxy API proxy that serves fixtures from a directory.

api-proxy a proxy for android debug

apiaxle-api ApiAxle's own API. Provision keys and APIs.

apiaxle-base Shared core functionality for apiaxle.

apiaxle-proxy The actual proxy part of ApiAxle.

apiaxle-repl ApiAxle's commandline interface.

apn-proxy An interface to the Apple Push Notification service via proxy for Node.js. Fork of node-apn by Andrew Naylor

appserver A connect based middleware to support local development against a remote backend.

argod Command line utility for running argo proxies

array-index Invoke getter/setter functions on array-like objects

async-dnsjack A simple DNS proxy that lets you intercept domains and route them to whatever IP you decide

bagofrequest A bag-of-holding containing request utility functions.

balancier round robin load balancer

basil Middleware oriented proxy

bemp URL rewrite proxy for bem server

bfg Big Friendly Gateway creates a read and write stream to various cloud storage providers

blackbird Confortable interfacing of event based transports

bouncy route incoming http requests to http servers

breakjail breakjail internet fireware to access all website

browsermob-proxy Javascript bindings for the browsermob-proxy

butchershop A node module to help you develop giblets of code for tough, chewy projects.

capture-proxy A http proxy that can be used to intercept http requests and persist the request and response payloads.

carbon Middleware based proxy for cluster or table based routing.

cas-proxy Add CAS Authentication for web proxy

catalyst-proxy A proxy that accelerates requests via multipart downloading

client-http Node client HTTP/HTTPS request wrapper for easy to make client HTTP/HTTPS request

code-proxy A debug tool to proxy js code execution from one browser to another.

coinproxy A cli proxy tool specialized in file replacing (fork of nproxy Goddy Zhao <> (

comb A framework for node

comb-proxy A framework for node

compoxure Page composition proxy built using node-http-proxy and trumpet as middleware based on ideas from harmon.

concussionjs-proxy Complete high-scaled reverse-proxy with rate limiting behavior -- built on dotcloud's hipache distributed proxy

conduitjs Give any method a pre/post invocation pipeline....

connect-guard Connect middleware that short circuits request handling if it can send a 304 Not Modified response. Intended to be used with reverse proxies like Varnish.

connect-image-proxy Middleware for proxying and manipulating images.

connect-intercept ConnectJS middleware over http-intercept.

connect-load-balance Load balance system for Connect

connect-masquerade ERROR: No file found!

connect-proxy Retrieve originating ip/host values when proxying to your connect app

console-proxy console proxy for the browser and Node.js

core-proxy tcp and unix socket proxy

cors-anywhere CORS Anywhere is a reverse proxy which adds CORS headers to the proxied request. Request URL is taken from the path

daproxy Reverse proxy and static server for local development

delegatejs simple function delegation like jQuery.proxy()

deserver A simple development server

dev-rest-proxy A very simple proxy that allows redirection of http calls

dispatch-proxy A SOCKS5/HTTP proxy that balances traffic between multiple internet connections.

dnsjack A simple DNS proxy that lets you intercept domains and route them to whatever IP you decide

dnsproxy A simple DNS proxy server for Node.js

docpad-plugin-proxy Proxy specific routes of our DocPad server to different locations

docparse-secure-proxy Handle ssl connections and forward them to a router server over standard http

dpd-curl-proxy A cURL based proxy resource for deployd

dpd-fb-proxy Facebook proxy for deployd

dpd-proxy A simple proxy resource for deployd

dpd-twitter-proxy Twitter proxy for deployd

dproxy 一个类似Fiddler的Web调试代理.A proxy designed for web developing, works like Fiddler

dyson Node server for dynamic, fake JSON.

easy-proxy A Proxy handler maker that drastically simplifies making and using Harmony Proxies by combining traps and normalizing their arguments.

easymock Easy to use mock server that supports templates and routes.

eavesdrop Listen in on EventEmitters

edon A middleware for modifying JSON responses from REST APIs.

egg A resources proxy tools for engineer

emitter-proxy EventEmitter add-on to allow objects to easily aggregate one instance of EventEmitter and set up chainable proxy methods for it.

esproxy A fault-tolerant proxy layer for ElasticSearch.

event-relay A little module for proxying events through arbitrary emitters.

eventyoshi Allows several event emitters to be listened and emitted through a single one.

express-apiproxy A module to make a bridge between user's request and backend HTTP API server.

express-proxy Minimal proxy server for express

express-vhost-manager A simple vhost manager for node.js with special features for the express framework.

fapp-proxy A node.js proxy module.

fastforward Lightweight Reverse Proxy

fcpipe building a pipe between front to back ends

fd-server a simple, efficient, convenient RIA development environment

fetchncache Fetches a resource from a server and stores it inside a redis cache and the next time it grabs it from there

fireprox A simple proxy for MozRepl over HTTP GET using express/nodejs

flotilla Continuous deployment with a HTTP host router, based on Bouncy/Fleet/Seaport by @substack

fold-proxy Function Oriented Load Distribution

forker A forking HTTP proxy (you heard me)

forward-proxy p2p http forward and socks proxy based on and Node.js

frejus An HTTP tunnelling facility

frontline A web debugging proxy in Node. Also can be used to create fake JSON REST webservices.

ftp-proxy NodeJS ftp proxy prepared for active and passive connections with transfer stats plugin and logging module

gammarouter Routes incoming requests to aplications running in less privileged ports. Can be configured during runtime via its REST api. Check also the package gammarouter-api for a nodejs client and a CLI tool

gat An HTTP caching server

gavel Gavel HTTP validator JavaScript library

grunt-chauffeur Configurable delivery tool for grunt build files and backend servers

grunt-connect-proxy Provides a http proxy as middleware for grunt connect.

grunt-https-proxy Start http/https proxy server

grunt-proxy Start proxy server

guardian Authentication Gateway Proxy

gulp-ondemand-server Gulp plugin that runs a local server that executes tasks when a page is requested, not when the file changes

haproxy HAProxy management and orchestration module

harmony_proxy Node.js harmony recursive object proxy

harmony-proxy Small shim providing `new Proxy(target, handler)`

harmony-reflect ES5 Shim for proposed ECMAScript 6 reflection API

head-hunter Hunt heads in web requests. Let's you proxy HTTP requests and watch headers for requests matching your description

heroku-proxy a heroku proxy

hip-pager-bot Create and customize a HipChat bot that interacts with PagerDuty.

hipache Complete high-scaled reverse-proxy solution

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