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hipache Complete high-scaled reverse-proxy solution

hostproxy HTTP Proxy that searches for Host header and avoids any parsing

hoxy Web-hacking proxy API for node

hoxy-module Web proxy (forked from

hrt HTTP Rewrite Tool

html-proxy html proxy for flexcombo

http-api-proxy A reverse proxy designed for use with rate limited APIs.

http-emit Emit requests for local node server

http-intercept Enhancement for Node's HTTP IncomingMessage & ServerResponse to let the data going from/to those streams to be intercepted - and modified... :)

http-master Easy to setup, convenient, universal, parallel, http/https proxy daemon. Setup in 1 minute, run, configure, adapt. Proxying based on excellent node-http-proxy.

http-proxy-agent An HTTP(s) proxy `http.Agent` implementation for HTTP

http-proxy-glimpse A full-featured http reverse proxy for node.js

http-proxy-no-line-184-error A full-featured http reverse proxy for node.js, minus that error.

http-proxy-rulz An HTTP proxy fed by JSON rules

http-proxy-selective http proxy also serves static files

http-proxy-server A Node.js HTTP proxy server supporting HTTP tunnelling

http-proxy-simple Simple HTTP proxy, allowing protocol and payload interception

http-raw expose the raw request data in an http server

http-redirect proxy requests to an ip-address or url

http-route-proxy Convenient HTTP proxy for cross-domail request, request forward and creating mock data.

http-util Miscelaneous HTTP/S utilities

http2udp Forwards HTTP requests to UDP sockets.

httperrors Handy JavaScript Error classes representing the standard HTTP errors. Easily extensible and subclassable.

httpp-forward Forward http traffic over httpp/udp with node-httpp

httpp-proxy A full-featured httpp reverse proxy for node.js

httppp Deal with only the bits of HTTP you care about. Let the streams flow.

https-aware Be aware wether initial request was HTTPS or HTTP

https-proxied A https client that works with SSL proxies

https-proxy-agent An HTTP(s) proxy `http.Agent` implementation for HTTPS

httpx A resources proxy tools for engineer

hushpm Private Storage for your npm modules and selective proxying of upstream modules

hutch keep track of all your sites with seaport and http-proxy

hyperproxy Transparently proxy to local ports or sockets with advanced routing.

idb-remote Remoting interface for indexeddb

image-autosave-proxy local proxy for autosave image when navigate using browser

impress Impressive Totalitarian-style Multipurpose Application Server for node.js. All decisions are made. Ready for applied development

inbetween Minimal HTTP MITM-proxy for Node.js A professional frontend toolkit. A professional general proxy server.

injecto Test your code in production!

intercept.js elegantly intercept a function

ipython-notebook-proxy A small IPython-Notebook proxy local STUN proxy

jadeite Jade-like template library

jcool jcool for native proxy

jshybugger Debugging HTML, CSS and JavaScript on Android.

json-proxy A command line utility and Express/Grunt middleware for UI developers to proxy JSON API calls to one or more remote web servers without requiring CORS or JSONP.

jsonp-proxy Convert json output into jsonp output

kaeng A simplified wrapper around nodejitsu's http-proxy

kappa A hierarchical npm-registry proxy to make private registries easier. (Based on npm-delegate by @jden)

kiss-proxy A simple easy-to-use spiritual successor of the command-line utility previously provided by node-http-proxy

koa-proxy Proxy middleware for koa

kylin Kylin HTTP Proxy Server

l8 l8 is an experimental pthread/erlang inspired task manager for javascript. Simple tasks becomes 'paroles', complex tasks become functions broken in 'steps'. l8 comes with synchronisation and distribution tools including semaphores, mutexes, message queues, generators, actors and proxied actors, among others.

layer transparently proxies functions, objects

lazy-module Lazy initialization module for Nodejs. Using harmony proxies Invoking node with 'node --harmony-proxies'

lazy-proxy A simple method of adding an HTTP/HTTPS/REST proxy as middleware

leapmotion-proxy a simple LeapMotion WebSocket server proxy which recopy the Leap device's message to another web socket.

level-proxy proxy a leveldb reference to swap instances transparently

linkwisdom mock file for fc

livepool debugging proxy for web developers base on NodeJS

loadbalancer Load balancer for SocketCluser

loadfire A clean and simple load balancer

ls-simple-proxy A simple HTTP proxy server

lylog Syslog proxy that receives syslogs from Fastly, and sends them to Logly.

magic Magic Method/getter/setters for Node.JS (Basic ES5 Harmony Proxies)

magic-cube A resources proxy tools for engineer

magicproxy Http proxy for clientside web development

make-corsy Runs a proxy server that will add custom CORS headers to all responses

mccussfilter Minecraft anti cuss proxy server

media-embed-server Node oEmbed proxy that supports a few other non-oEmbed services and JSONP

meta-objects Utilities and patterns for using Harmony Proxies to meta-program. Proxies as Proxy handlers, catch all forwarders for catch all forwarders, intercession introspection. Now you're thinking with portals.

meta-promise ES Harmony Proxy based promise library.

meta-rewrite-proxy Sets up a proxy to rewrite meta tags to bring pages within your app's domain. Useful to leverage existing meta data and url locations while creating new (namespaced) Facebook apps.

micro_proxy spawn http proxies on the fly with aws

middlefiddle Middleware as a proxy for HTTP/HTTPS traffic

miniproxy Run a proxy that routes your different projects using their package.json files

mitm-proxy A node module to create a http and https man-in-the-middle proxy

mload require modules through config proxy

mockfc mock file for fc

molasses Slow down your remote http calls to test failure scenarios.

mongodb-rest-proxy Tiny http proxy for mongodb's built-in rest api that adds nice things.

mooch A simple Twitter OAuth proxy.

moruga Debugging HTTP proxy

mupee Mupee is a proxy between the update servers and your corporate Mozilla software.

mysql-pg-proxy mysql to postgres proxy server

mysqlite.js sqlite server talking mysql protocol

nat Node Nat is a user-based http proxy/nat for NodeJS

ncopy A command line utility for copying files

ndarray-group Wraps a group of ndarrays into a single virtual ndarray

needle Tiny yet feature-packed HTTP client. With multipart, charset decoding and proxy support.

negative-array Negative array index support `array[-1]` using ES6 Proxy

ngn-idk-http-proxy The Proxy IDK for NGN.

nodast Asterisk FastAgi Proxy

node_cloudflare A simple module to check if CloudFlare is connecting and get the real IP address.

node-debug-proxy The almighty storage router

node-decorate A proxy server to decorate a html/xml document with jQuery.

node-dev-proxy Node Node development proxy module

node-devproxy An HTTP proxy which could replace http requests with local files by rules

node-proxify Simple proxy for node.

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