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nodecap ICAP server framework for node.js - create custom HTTP proxy filters for Squid, etc.

nodeginx Generate the Nginx configuration file as proxy for Node.js

nodejs-proxy Simple HTTP proxy for node.js

nodejs-zip The simplest Zip for Node.js

nodeproxy A port of the jQuery proxy function to nodeJs

nodeserver Nodeserver is a NodeJS Web Server with reverse proxy functionality alternative to Nginx reverse proxy for NodeJS projects

nokota Polyglot next generation web server

noodlejs noodle is a proxy server which serves for cross domain data extraction from web documents for any client.

nopar Abstrakt Node Package Registry & Proxy

npm-artifactory A proxy server that uses Artifactory to store npm modules for seamless integration with java/maven-based workflows

npm-delegate a hierarchical npm-registry proxy to make private registries easier

npm-ondemand A on-demand npm proxy

npm-private Run a local NPM registry for private packages with fallback to publich registry.

npm-proxy-cache HTTP/HTTPS caching proxy for work with `npm` utility / registry

npr A proxy server written in nodejs, supporting TCP in proxy mode, HTTP and Websocket in router mode.

nproxy A cli proxy tool specialized in file replacing

o_o o_o HTTP/HTTPS proxy

oauth-tunnel Tunnel integration for oauth lib, make proxy painless.

ouija Server software for proxying HTTP requests through PhantomJS. It'll make your automated requests look more human!

oxy HTTP proxy to aid in web dev

pac-proxy-agent A PAC file proxy `http.Agent` implementation for HTTP

pac-resolver Generates an asynchronous resolver function from a PAC file

pageproxy Proxy server for webpage debug and analysis.

pandanet-io-proxy proxy for the Pandanet (IGS) protocol

pandanet-proxy proxy for the Pandanet (IGS) protocol

paparazzo A high performance web proxy for serving MJPG streams to the masses.

parserproxy A JSON-over-HTTP proxy for node-feedparser and node-opmlparser

path-prefix-proxy add a path prefix to all of your express routes by simply proxying to them

path-proxy A path proxy object constructor

patron node-http-proxy wrapper

patron-watch patron watch plugin

patsy A CLI based build system for frontend developers

peer-proxy Proxy web service from peer

peroxide A simple, configurable proxy server that will hit a chain of sources before failing.

persistent-harmony Proxies javascript objects that are persisted in a database (e.g. MongoDB)

phoxy Web-hacking proxy

plex n-tier proxy tree (alpha)

ploy git push deploy http router, hosting branches on subdomains

plum Demo server environment by node

poe-assets-proxy Share assets across applications

port-vhoster A simple HTTP vhost reverse proxy / port sharing implementation for node.js. Run multiple node HTTP servers (Domains, IP's) through one port.

poxy A zero-configuration dev server process manager + proxy for development in any language.

preservative A proxy for state machines to preserve state and history

procedural-async Write procedural style code that does async in the background

prosthetic Prosthetic is a Node web proxy that allows you to manipulate web sites with simple (yet flexible) JSON configuration files. As a node module, it exposes an express-compatible server function (the module export) and a suite of operations for manipulating (inserting, removing and replacing) response body content.

prox Hookable socks5 proxy client and server.

proxector A TCP proxy that protects services from having too many open connections.

proxied-promise-object wrap an object's callback methods with promise returning ones

proxies Use internet HTTP proxies from an online list

proxima An HTTP and TLS (HTTPS) reverse proxy server intended to replace full web servers for proxying Node.js applications.

proximo Proxied model implementation

proxke proxy server using Hapi

proxkey Proxy/Mock server for testing build on top of HAPI.js

proxy An HTTP proxy written with Node.js (think Squid)

proxy_harvester Harvester, Asynchronous Proxy/Address test and automation tool

proxy-agent Maps proxy protocols to `http.Agent` implementations

proxy-autoload Classes and modules autoloading (without 'require') using EcmaScript 6 Proxy

proxy-class Proxy Class for javascript/coffeescript

proxy-events Proxy events from one emitter to another.

proxy-foo Sets up a proxy to rewrite meta tags to bring pages within your app's domain. Useful to leverage existing meta data and url locations while creating new (namespaced) Facebook apps.Tinkered with to get around an issue by Nadia Morris

proxy-handlers Predefined ES6 Proxy handlers

proxy-middleware http(s) proxy as connect middleware

proxy-protocol Parser for the HA Proxy/stud PROXY protocol

proxy-tamper A HTTP proxy library for node.js that allows for selective requests to be tampered.

proxydevserver Proxy dev server written in node

proxyinfo Program to report HTTP request headers and proxy information to connected clients.

proxying-agent Node HTTP/HTTPS Forward Proxy Agent

proxyme Command line wrapper for node-http-proxy

proxynova fetches a list of proxies from

proxyreverse Reverse proxy your local web-server

proxywrap Wraps node's Server interfaces to be compatible with the PROXY protocol

proxz fetch http proxies from

pst Create mapping functions more easily

pult Access local servers on .dev domains

q3rcon-bridge Proxies rcon commands to server with optional user:pass auth

radial a polyglot "api first" services platform

radial-js node.js radial framework implementation

rainbowsocks SOCKS4a proxy client

rainbowsocks-http http interface for tunneling though a SOCKS4a proxy

reddish GUI for Redis

reddish-proxy Proxy for Reddish

redis-ui A simple UI for Redis DB

redsmin Redsmin proxy daemon for the Redsmin service

remote Work on client-side files with a remote API server transparently

remoteobjects Remote objects in a distributed peer-to-peer network

repro Reverse Proxy Route Table responsible for routing to targets based on protocol request headers.

reproxy Node.js reverse proxy.

resist A Distributed Reverse Caching Proxy

restbus RESTful JSON API for the NextBus Inc. public XML feed.

routing-proxy route http requests to servers based on url path

roxy A proxy for JSONP requests to RESTful APIs

rush-http-proxy Easy to setup, convenient, universal, parallel, http/https proxy daemon. Setup in 1 minute, run, configure, adapt. Based on excellent node-http-proxy.

scale A load balancer

seafish-http-proxy-meteor A full-featured http reverse proxy use node.js for meteor

secure-proxy Handle ssl connections and forward them to a router server over standard http

sense-https-proxy HTTPS/WebSocket proxy for Sense containers.

sepro Sepro is a http proxy which discovers where to proxy a request.

service-mock A server mock for client testing of scenarios taken from a simple json file. service-mock can use an 'origin server' scenarios based on values returned from the server being mocked.

sexy Sequential Proxy for writing Asynchronous with ECMAScript 5 Proxies

sf-transfer A cli tool to transfer sf combo rules to nproxy format

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