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aahyhaamodule A module for learning perpose

airwaves Airwaves is a lightweight pub/sub library that can be used in any JavaScript environment. It has no dependencies.

alamid-junction Provides convenient methods for setting and retrieving multiple signals

alamid-list Simple observable arrays

alamid-set Simple observable key-value store

alamid-signal Simple observable signal

alinex-make Helper commands for development of npm packages.

ascoltatori The pub/sub library for node backed by Redis, MongoDB, AMQP (RabbitMQ), ZeroMQ, MQTT (Mosquitto) or just plain node!

awpp auto web page publish

aws-publisher publish your static assets to amazon s3

behold simple frp/pubsub/observers using ECMA5 getters/setters

bob Convention-based build tool for node.js projects.

bubpubsub a pubsub system with bubbling, replies and persistence

buildbranch Publish a folder to the given build branch (like gh-pages).

capo Understand subscriptions and listeners. Get the list of events or event handlers. Capo is a complement for Mediator

cercle anything in anything out pub/sub

compound-signal Dispatch after multiple signals are triggered

CompoundSignal Special Signal that groups multiple Signals together and dispatches after all the group elements are dispatched.

cypher-feed content-addressable distributed publishing

dendrite An extended Observer pattern implementation, worked at any JavaScript environment

develop-faster-presentation Presentation on removing the tedium from creating, developing, and publishing repos.

dtang-pubsub A small PubSub library under the PS constructor function.

esetres A module for Amazon S3 that makes file processing a breeze

eventemitter3 EventEmitter3 focuses on performance while maintaining a Node.js AND browser compatible interface. This the source of the same EventEmitter that is used in Primus.

eventpublish add, rm and fire string-associated event functions

foundry-release-bower bower release library for foundry

foundry-release-component component release library for foundry

foundry-release-npm npm release library for foundry

fpp Fanout Pubsub Protocol Library

ftp-diff-deployer Incremetally push to your FTP server. `ftp-diff-deployer` has a special integration with git, but can work everywhere.

git-publisher A js-git addon that makes it easy to publish repos.

grip GRIP Interface Library

grunt-asset-render renders templates based on your assets

grunt-module A Grunt plugin to release and publish your NPM module.

grunt-nuget Grunt NuGet interface - Prepare, package and publish your application in NuGet gallery using Grunt JS

grunt-release-it Interactive release task for Git repositories. Optionally release a build to distribution/component repository.

grunt-tap Tmall assets build tool.

gulp-awspublish gulp plugin to publish files to amazon s3

hedwig Easily publish browserify apps

lasso-js Advanced mediator library

littleprinter node.js module for serving little printer publications

mediator-js Flexible event management. Implementation of the mediator pattern.

minpubsub 198 byte publish/subscribe messaging micro-framework

mixdown-publish Grunt task to export a mixdown project to PhoneGap, static site, or other.

mosca The multi-transport MQTT broker for node.js. It supports AMQP, Redis, ZeroMQ, MongoDB or just MQTT.

mows Use MQTT from the Browser, based on MQTT.js and websocket-stream

mqemitter An Opinionated Message Queue with an emitter-style API

mqstreams MQ pub/sub as streams - based on mqemitter

mqtt A library for the MQTT protocol

mqttjs Deprecated - see mqtt instead

mqttjsb A library for the MQTT protocol

multipub multi-redis pub/sub

nats Node.js client for NATS, a lightweight messaging system

newsemitter An event emitter that emits only new events.

node-eventer Pub/Sub Events Library

node-internal-pubsub A publish/subscribe API similar to that in node_redis, minus the redis

node-observer Observer pattern implementation

node-pipes Pipes Library

node-pubsub Empowers you node app with simple pub/sub functionality. Good for mocking a pub/sub back-end or writing single instance pub/sub applications.

nor A lightweight module pattern library providing mixin inheritance, encapsulation, and pub-sub eventing

notifications A mechanism for dispatching notifications within a Node.js program.

npm-new Just new an npm pkg.

npm-protect CLI utility to modify a package.json to use a private npm registry

npm-republicate Replicate an NPM module (along with its deps) from registry A to registry B (by publishing it && its deps).

npmfirehose A giant firehose of every NPM as it is published. This will make you *feel*... something.

packagenpmjson this creates a npm compatable json document. you can use it as a component for private npm registries that doont use couch.

pierre A waiter module. Wait for this id to be served then run this function

pinvault-observer An observer/mediator library that supports objects and arrays as event names for partial matching on dispatches.

post Emitter-like component to create safe cross origin communication

primus-broadcast Adds style broadcast functionality to primus.

primus-emitter Simple emitter wrapper for Primus

primus-multiplex Simple multiplexing for Primus

psst A small Pub/Sub library that uses subscriptions rather than callbacks.

pub-sub A small library that implements pub/sub in JavaScript.

pub-sub-js Distributed publish/subscribe messaging system

pubcontrol EPCP Library

publish npm auto publishing of your modules

pubnub Publish & Subscribe Real-time Messaging with PubNub

pubsub-js Dependency free publish/subscribe library

pubsub.js Vanilla JS Pubsub implementation with wildcards and inheritance

pubsubjs micro pubsub library

pubsubmanager A simple and lightweight module for publishing and subscribing to custome events.

pubsubway Plain pubsub module with a spice of logic to when subscribers get the message. Get out of the callback hell - take the subway in a trafic jam.

punch-sftp-publisher Publish your site to any host that supports SFTP

pushy Publish-Subscribe system for realtime webapps

rabbit-pub-sub A turn key npm for doing pub/sub using rabbitmq

radio A small dependency-free publish/subscribe (pub/sub) javascript library

realtime-storage The Realtime Framework Cloud Storage client for Node.js

rebus rebus - reactive Pub/Sub bus for sharing data between nodejs applications running on the same host

redis-eventemitter Redis pubsub using an event emitter

redjs A redis library for node.js

release-it Interactive release tool for Git repositories. Supports to build and release to a distribution/component repository. Publish to npm.

releasebot Grunt task for triggering a release when a commit message matches a predefined regular expression or when manually invoked

signals Custom Event/Messaging System

srun define atomic steps, then build scripts with them. a global context object between steps is included for you!

sublish Minimalist publish/subscribe.

thoonk Thoonk is a persistent (and fast!) system for push feeds, queues, and jobs which leverages Redis. Thoonk follows a contract (schema + behavior) to allow multiple languages and custom implementations to interact reliably.

thoonk-jobs Thoonk is a persistent (and fast!) system for push feeds, queues, and jobs which leverages Redis. Thoonk follows a contract (schema + behavior) to allow multiple languages and custom implementations to interact reliably.

tj A type safe publish subscribe API in JavaScript

topic A simple pub/sub package

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