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redis.pubsub A Redis Publish-Subscribe wrapper, with message queries

redispump pump stdout to redis

redispump_factual pump stdout to redis

redjs A redis library for node.js

redmess A redis pub/sub using lists to achieve persistence

redub Redundant pub/sub

remq Redis-backed durable message queue

respirator Watch keys in redis. Send a pubsub message when they expire or go away.

rundfunk Rundfunk is zero-conf distributed event emitter

shakti yet another redis based pubsub

shoutout The simplest eventing library that could possible work.

sidekick Realtime site tools

simple_pubsub Simple publish-subscribe server and client

simple-pubsub Simple PubSub eventing via proxied Backbone.Events Minimalistic wrapper around and

simplepubsub A Simple PubSub Framework, working locally, with regexp feature. store implementation backed by mongodb.

sselib SSE (Server Sent Events) library and middleware.

subhub simple pubsubhubbub client

sublish Minimalist publish/subscribe.

subscribable Lightweight library for adding pub sub to any application on the server and in the client

subscribe Subscribe/unsubscribe to multiple pubsubs

super-sockets High-level messaging & socket patterns implemented in pure js

tiny-emitter A tiny (less than 1k) event emitter library

tj A type safe publish subscribe API in JavaScript

topic A simple pub/sub package

topic-console-log Extends topic with console logging

topic-standard-log Extends topic with standard logging

tunguska Distributed publish/subscribe hub with Comet-style delivery of messages to browsers

underpub-js Simple pubsub lib

vubsub Pub/Sub for Node.js and MongoDB

vws.pubsub a pubsub system with bubbling and persistence

watch-array Watch any changes on arrays

whispers Shh! Publish/Subscribe framework

xmpp-ftw-pubsub Publish-Subscribe/PubSub (XEP-0060) plugin for XMPP-FTW

zmqbus A broker-less message bus with failover

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