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bit-interleave Interleaves bits

bit-twiddle Bit twiddling hacks for JavaScript

ngraph.quadtreebh3d Quad Tree data structure for Barnes-Hut simulation in 3d space

quadtree geospatial quadtree encoding and decoding.

quadtree2 JavaScript implementation of quadtree datastructure for collision detection.

quadtreelabeler Functions that provide a consistent way to label D3 quadtree nodes and translate them to and from DOM element ids.

quadtreemap Functions that map the quads in D3 quadtrees to rects and maps the points as well.

quadtreenodereport Function that returns a readable report on the contents of a D3 quadtree node. For the browser.

quadtreetree Draws a D3 quadtree's internal tree to a layout tree.

quadtreevis Demonstrates the connection between a D3 quadtree's internals and the quads and points it describes.

region-quadtree-2d Reqion quadtree in 2 dimensions.

simple-quadtree quadtree data structure

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