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code-to-test-ratio Get the code-to-test ratio of any project!

dirty-water Measures JavaScript "dirt" in HTML / EJS / AngularJs template files

equ-lint check quality tool implementation using *Equ*

grunt-code-quality-report Grunt code quality reporter

grunt-jshint-solid Analyzes your .jshintrc settings file to see how strict they are

jscpd Copy/paste detector for programming code, support JavaScript, CoffeeScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Less languages

jshint-solid Tells how solid your jshint settings are

solid-code JavaScript code quality front-end

untested Orders tests for a source code change based on code coverage analysis.

xlint Powerful CLI for any lint (JSLint/JSHint +) solution.

youtube-best-video Find the best video for a given song name.

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