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mingo JavaScript query library using mongo-esque syntax

minq-repl interactive querying for mongodb a la minq

mongo-live Listening to MongoDB live changes using oplog

mongo-rest-query-helper Rest url query to mongo criteria.

mongoc compile mongo queries into javascript functions

mongodb-extensions Friendly collection extensions to the native mongodb native driver. Inspired by MongoSkin minus the kitchen sink.

mongomatch Mongo-like object queries in Javascript

mongoose Mongoose MongoDB ODM

mongoose-cachebox Cache mongoose queries in memory, redis or use your own driver

mongoose-memcached Cache mongoose queries in memcached.

mongoose-prefixset Mongoose MongoDB ODM

mongoose-query mongoose Query lib

mongoose-watch Mongoose watch documents and querys

mongoscape Escape MongoDB queries so they can be stored inside MongoDB.

monologue Streamlined MySQL query building

monquery mongo query language for humans inspired by Lucene

mq Translates http query string to mongoose query object

mquery Expressive query building for MongoDB

mysql-perf MySQL performance tester using MariaDB driver

mysql-querybuilder Query builder for MySQL. Not ready to use.

mysql-queues Wraps 'mysql' to provide mulitple query queues, allowing support for multiple statements and transactions.

mysql-wrapper Mysql-wrapper is a wrapper of node-mysql to improve fault tolerance, including enhanced query generator and data escaping powered by typo template engine

nagios-jsoneval Abitrary JSON Query/Evaluation (Nagios Plugin)

naomi The model (as in MVC) library for relational databases, e.g. MySQL, Postgres.

node-kickass Query for torrents at with Node.js.

node-kickass-json Query for torrents at with Node.js.

node-mssql-connector A simple connect and execute plugins for MSSQL querys on nodejs.

nodejs-man Open browser to node.js core documentation page

nodejsdb Intrinsic datastores for Node.js

npmatchub Attempts to match npm users who failed to provide their github name with a github account and do the same for their npm packages.

nquery Sizzle powered selectors for libxmljs

oak-query Iterable model for chaining query to simplify collection transformations and manipulations

objeq JavaScript Object Querying

objet-data Auto-persisting data objects

pairs Turn a JSON object into a list of pairs. Useful for indexing.

parcoursjs Browse your js object smoothly

parse-query Parse browser query strings

parsed-url Short cut to get a parsed url and query string in browserify

path-engine level-queryengine plugin to query levelup/leveldb using indexes with a basic javascript array path syntax

patio Patio query engine and ORM

pg-builder PostgreSQL query builder

pg-escape escape postgres queries which do not support stored procedures

pg-query-builder Create SQL queries programatically in Node.js. suport only postgresql. Loosely based on Codeigniter 'ActiveRecord'.

pg-query-stream Postgres query result returned as readable stream

pirateship Sail in the dark waters of the PirateBay.

procinfo Simple Process Information Helpers for Node

psq parses search query string into json

pursuit A Fast JavaScript Object Property Matching Language

pursuit-core A framework for building Fast JavaScript Object Property Matching Languages

qbuilder Query builder for mysql

qeeper SQL query keeper for Node.js

qeq query elements quickly.

qparser A parsing library intended to parse complex user input

qry MongoDB query compatible object match

qstore work with collections in js

query-component Query the DOM with selector engine fallback support

query-engine Query-Engine is a NoSQL and MongoDb compliant query engine. It can run on the server-side with Node.js, or on the client-side within web browsers

query-params Very simple CommonJS-module to encode/decode query parameters

query-parse Parse query strings to objects and objects to strings. Hides null or empty values.

query-parser parser for 'query'

query-parser.jsx Google-ish query string parser for JSX/JS/CommonJS/AMD

query-sql Mysql query builder

query-string Parse and stringify URL query strings

query-validator Mongo like query system for param/field validations on NodeJS.

querybox A box for your queries

queryize A no-frills chainable/fluent interface for constructing mutable MySQL queries with data binding/escapement.

queryjs easy url query parameter manipulation

querystream A stream that allows filtering of data (objects) using MongoDB-compatible queries.

querystring Node's querystring module for all engines.

querystring-es3 Node's querystring module for all engines.

qweary Complex Logical Query Constructor for Mongoose

qwery blazing fast CSS3 query selector engine

qwery-mobile Mobile query selector engine

qwery-pseudos Pseudo-selector extensions for Qwery

range-minimum-query Preprocess an array to find the smallest element in any interval in O(1)

rangebound given a number or a string, returns the ranges you should be querying in the default js string collation

rdbql Cross compatible SQL query builder for node

realtime-templates Render views on the server (using standard HTML markup) that the browser can update in realtime when the original data changes.

recipe Web Component Recipe Helpers

reiterate Construct JSON object trees recursively, asynchronously to join data from multiple data sources.

responsive-resize Management class for javascript based media queries.

restq Declarative way of getting data from RESTful APIs.

rework-media-selector Nested media queries as selectors

rql Query language for the web, NoSQL

saiku-query-helper A simple node client for saiku REST api. The aim of this package is to run parameterized MDX queries, while minimizing the boilerplate code.

scan querySelectorAll selector engine

search-query-parser Parser for advanced search query syntax

search-text-tokenizer A tokenizer for Google-like search text

secondthought A light wrapper for RethinkDB

simplay Given an artist name it spits out links to playlists and/or search results of similar artists on youtube, and rdio.

simple-json-filter Extremely simple JSON filtering system

simpledb-query-builder SimpleDB Query Builder for Node.js

siql Siphon.IO Query Language

slab-decomposition Slab decomposition data structure for 2D vertical ray queries

soq Simple Object Query Interface for JSON Array

sourcequery A Source Server Query protocol implementation for node.js

spahql A query language and data model for deep Javascript object structures.

sql-bricks Transparent, Schemaless SQL Generation

sql-engine A SQL query engine built on levelup/leveldb - uses level-queryengine

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