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all-structures A node.js based data structures library.

bottleneck Async rate limiter

flowqueues Node.js queuing system using capacity constraints

leverage Leverage is a thin wrapper around the `redis` client that integrates your lua scripts as methods AND supports reliable and fault tolerant Pub/Sub on top of redis.

parallel-queue-flow A queue-flow constructor function like sloppy-queue-flow, but less sloppy!

pmq A node.js binding for using POSIX message queues

queue-flow Chainable logic built on named (or not) queues for Javascript and Node.js

roque-nagios Nagios plugin to monitor Roque queues

stevejobs Simplistic in-memory job/worker manager with rate limiting and custom worker counts

tasks Queue-based execution and eventing for tasks (ala GCD)

waz-storage-js Windows Azure Storage library for Node JS

wazproxy an HTTP proxy that automatically signs Windows Azure storage requests

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