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angular-cl2 Angular macros for ChlorineJS (a subset of Clojure)

arango.client ArangoDB javascript client

auto-grunt A task-based command line auto build tool for static resource.

auto-qunit Automatically run QUnit tests in browser under NodeJS control

cl2-contrib The ChlorineJS user contributions library.

fis-postpackager-qunit A test plugin for fis to test js file.

fis-test-qunit A test plugin for fis to test js file.

grunt The JavaScript Task Runner

grunt-croc-qunit Run QUnit unit tests in a headless PhantomJS instance with code coverage support. Despite grunt-contrib-qunit it has no direct dependency on phantomjs module

grunt-dev-exitprocess The JavaScript Task Runner

grunt-node-qunit Grunt task running node-qnuit []

grunt-qc 基于grunt修改,支持目录递归[XX/~.js]

grunt-qunit-minimalist Minimalist phantomjs-based qunit test runner.

grunt-qunit-serverless A serverless version of the grunt-qunit task

grunt-qunit-sonar Grunt plugin for qunit unit test with coverage and create jstestdriver report

grunt-qunit-tap Grunt plugin for running QUnit tests with TAP reporting

grunt-saucelabs Grunt task running tests using Sauce Labs. Supports QUnit, Jasmine, Mocha and YUI tests

grunt-webdriver-qunit grunt-webdriver-qunit is a grunt plugin to run qunit with webdriver in grunt

gt JavaScript native QUnit runner with code coverage and multiple extensions

gulp-jasmine Run Jasmine tests

gulp-mocha Run Mocha tests

gulp-mocha-co Run Mocha tests with co generators

gulp-qunit Run QUnit unit tests in a headless PhantomJS instance.

jsquickunit Quickly define and run unit tests in any test framework.

karma-qunit A Karma plugin. Adapter for QUnit testing framework.

karma-qunit-special-blend A QUnit plugin/hack/wrapper which allows the user to designiate single tests or modules to run.

nodeunit-dsl A simple DSL built on top of nodeunit

patsy A CLI based build system for frontend developers

qunit QUnit testing framework for nodejs

qunit_notifier Run Qunit tests headless and show results on a notification system like Growl/Snarl/Libnorify

qunit-assert-canvas A QUnit plugin for asserting individual pixel values within a Canvas element.

qunit-assert-close A QUnit plugin for asserting that a number is approximately equal (or not) to an expected number, within a given tolerance.

qunit-assert-nodes A QUnit plugin providing a convenient API for batch acceptance assertions

qunit-assert-step A QUnit plugin for asserting the proper sequence in which the code should execute.

qunit-bdd BDD-style testing for QUnit.

qunit-clib QUnit CLIB helps extend QUnit’s CLI support to many common CLI environments.

qunit-composite Run multiple QUnit test suite pages.

qunit-dark A kind of dark theme for qunit

qunit-extras Extends QUnit with extra features and CLI support.

qunit-once QUnit plugin for running module setup and teardown once

qunit-parameterize Parameterize - A QUnit plugin For Running Parameterized Tests

qunit-promises QUnit plugin that adds assertions to check promises quickly

qunit-reporter-junit Produce JUnit-style XML test reports with QUnit.

qunit-special-blend A QUnit plugin/hack/wrapper which allows the user to designiate single tests or modules to run.

qunit-tap A TAP Output Producer Plugin for QUnit

qunit-theme-gabe A QUnit theme by Gabe Hendry.

qunit-theme-ninja A QUnit theme for ninjas.

qunit-theme-nv A QUnit theme.

qunit2node [QUnit]( adapter for [nodeunit](

run-qunit Run QUnit in the browser and get the results reported back in Node

socket-cl2 Websocket/sockjs wrappers/macros for ChlorineJS

tere Simple Javascript Test Driven Development

where.js data-driven test method for JavaScript test libraries

yadda A true BDD framework for JavaScript

yeti Yeti automates browser testing.

zombiewalk Command line tool for unit testing under zombie.js

zuul simple browser testing

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