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amino-queue RabbitMQ plugin for amino 1.x

amq A nodejs AMQP implementation built on top of amqplib's channel-oriented api. Connection/Queue/Exchange constructors supporting auto-reconnection and backoff.

amqp-events An EventEmitter metaphor for amqplib.

amqp-retry Requeue messages with exponential delay

amqp-schedule Schedule jobs with `amqp`

amqp-tool Rabbitmq-tool - import/export data from a RabbitMQ broker

amqp-watcher A tool to get and send messages from an amqp server from the command line

amqp-wrapper A wrapper around to make consuming and publishing dead easy.

amqplib An AMQP 0-9-1 (e.g., RabbitMQ) library and client.

ascoltatori The pub/sub library for node backed by Redis, MongoDB, AMQP (RabbitMQ), ZeroMQ, MQTT (Mosquitto) or just plain node!

autoqueue Helps AMQP publishers keep their bindings up.

bluemix Node.js helper module for IBM BlueMix

crane-amqp AMQP adapter for Crane.

distributor Easy distribution of resources through AMQP

easy-amqp fluent wrapper around amqp A hook that listens to an amqp queue and forwards messages to the bus

instant-rabbitmq Instant RabbitMQ Messaging Application Development How-to

kckupmq KckupMQ is wrapper library with common interface for different Message Queue implementations

koda Message Queue for Node.js and RabbitMQ

messagehub Simple message, queue and pubsub system compatible with RabbitMQ

mosca The multi-transport MQTT broker for node.js. It supports AMQP, Redis, ZeroMQ, MongoDB or just MQTT.

qlobber Node.js globbing for amqp-like topics

qlobber-fsq Shared file system queue. Supports pub-sub, work queues, wildcards, multi-process and distributed use.

qpid A native wrapper around Apache Qpid, specifically the AMQP 1.0 Proton C API

queue-client Node.js rabbitmq client

rabbit RabbitMQ powered distributed job management.

rabbit-hat Creates temporary vhosts in RabbitMQ, useful for integration testing

rabbit-pub-sub A turn key npm for doing pub/sub using rabbitmq

rabbitmq_minionpool A RabbitMQ minionpool

rmqcat netcat-like tool for sending data through RabbitMQ

starsky A higher level and opinionated library on top of node-amqp.

town_crier AMQP to SSE bridge

watchmen Who watches the watchmen?

winston-amqp An AMQP transport for winston

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