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random-el get a random array element.

random-enough For when crypto.randomBytes() would be nice, but crypto.pseudoRandomBytes() is good enough.

random-id Generates a random String with options.

random-js A mathematically correct random number generator library for JavaScript.

random-json Create a random JSON object for testing

random-mac Generate a random Mac Address

random-number Generate pseudo-randum numbers

random-org-api API for accessing within javascript applications.

random-permutation Generates a random permutation

random-seed GRC's UHE PRNG in node (Ultra-High Entropy Pseudo-Random Number Generator by Gibson Research Corporation)

random-signal Generate a pseudo-random signal stream for mocking Sensor data

random-stream Random ASCII source stream for experimentation and testing. Trivial, silly and sometimes useful.

random-string Simple Module for generating Random Strings

random-strings Fast, beautiful, unique random Strings for node.

random-to Give me a random integer from [0|1] to n

random-tree Generates a random tree

random-ua Randomly generates User-Agent strings based on actual usage statistics from Wikipedia and as of July 2012.

random-util Randomness utility.

random-weighted-choice Node.js module to make a random choice among weighted elements of table.

random-word Returns a random English word

random-word-generator Generate random, but pronouncable words

random-words Generate one or more common English words

randomatic Generate randomized strings of a specified length from patterns of numeric, alpha-numeric, alphabetical, special or custom characters.

randomdata randomdata

randomgraph A small library for generating, well, random graphs. Not that many models at the moment, feel free to jump in and add some more. The algorithms were partly ported and double-checked with the Gephi implementations.

randomizer Execute a function randomly with a given probability

randomjs Generate a random string that matches a given RegExp JavaScript object.

randomner Random lib for JavaScript

randomuser A Simple Node.js Library for the REST API

randpass Pseudo-random password generator

randstream A stream that emits endless series of random bytes, with proper backpressure support.

randstring random strings

randumb Generate a random alphanumeric ASCII character string

randword Returns random English words.

randy Random utilities based on WELL-1024a PRNG.

rbytes Generates cryptographically secure random byte sequences

rc4 RC4 random number generator

rdrand A package wrapping the Intel RDRAND hardware random number generator instructino

react-lorem-component A component for React that renders paragraph or list item tags full of lorem ipsum placeholder text

roll node.js package for rolling dice and adding modifiers. ex: 2d6+1

rpg random password generator

rst A readable stream that produces a random alphanumeric string of a given size.

secure-random Normalize the creation of cryptographically strong random values.

secure-randword Generate random words using a CSPRNG

secure-rnd Secure random generator

seedable-random Seedable Math.random compatible pseudorandom number generator

seedrand Use Math.seed() to get test your Math.random()-based functions.

seedrandom Seeded random number generator for Javascript.

sgen string generator

shuffle node.js package for shuffling and dealing decks of cards (or anything else you'd like to shuffle)

silly-string Random string generator

sillyname A silly random name generator

simpleflake Distributed id generation for the lazy.

spatial-noise Spatially deterministic noise generators

stochasm Create functions to generate random values.

stochator A tiny library providing for creating a variety of random value generators.

strgen Generates random strings of a given length from a chosen or given alphabet.

string_random.js Generating random string from regexp pattern.

symphonize A data generator specifically built for

temere Predictable random generator useful for UUID's, PIN's, and other such things.

temp-write Write String/Buffer to a random temp file

temp-write-old Write String/Buffer to a random temp file

tempfile Get a random temp file path

tiny-uuid A tiny Node.js package for UUID generation based on LeverOne's

toolbelt A set of sexy little helper, to make the daily work with nodeJS a bit easier.

toolbox A collection of useful JavaScript utilities

tovikov Random library.

unique-random Generate random numbers that are consecutively unique

usergen A simple means to generate user data.

uuid-encoded Generates strong UUIDs - like uuid module - but encodes to compress length with url-friendly 64-char alphabet

uupaa.xorshift.js Xorshift implement.

vdc van der Corput low-discrepancy sequences

weighted A dead-simple module for picking a random item with weights.

wto što

xor64 simple pure js library for generating random 64 bit numbers with XOR support

yc-random this is a fancy random node tool

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