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a2z A little library for creating string ranges.

bit-interleave Interleaves bits

bounds Mixin for checking if value is inside or outside of bounds

buffer-prefix-range Easily define lexicographical ranges of byte strings using a prefix. Can be used to define ranges for queries in leveldb or similar databases

cartesian-tree Linear time Cartesian tree construction

cell-range Specify a range of vectors and get a list of all the points between them

connect-stream A module for streaming static files. Does etags, caching, partial response, etc.

date-range Generate a range of dates

github-resolve-semver resolve an npm-style semver range to a git tag for a github repo

grunge A generator-based sequence generator and utility.

infinity Infinite sequences for Node.js. Supports typical array functions and more, all evaluated lazily.

interval-query A data structure for storing intervals and finding overlaps with either segment tree or sequential query

interval-tree interval tree in javascript

interval-tree-1d 1D interval tree data structure

iota-array Generates an array of consecutive integers starting at 0

ipv4-range Takes an IPv4 address and a number, and returns an array of surrounding addresses.

is-between Check if a number is between a min and max

lazy-range Lazy Range function for JS. Exposes forEach forEachAsync and toArray.

level-path sensible key / range generator for levelup

level-range Find all K/V-pairs prefixed by a certain key.

level-track receive updates from a set of keys and ranges in leveldb

listenrange Simple tool to listen on lots of ports.

map-range Simple function domain/range conversion

moment-ranger date range representing using moment

mr.rager A simple and extremely chill parser for the Content-Range header, written in Javascript

multi-range Like range(), but for multiple sets of integers.

natural-range Convert any range to an exclusive range in natural order.

node_cloudflare A simple module to check if CloudFlare is connecting and get the real IP address.

node-dynamic An module to handle http range request

node-range Simple Lazy Ranges for Node/Javascript

NoobHTTP Simple Nodejs HTTP server

number-range integer ranges for node

parse-ms Parse milliseconds into an object

pretty-ms Convert milliseconds to a human readable string: 1337000000 ➔ 15d 11h 23m 20s

psnr Peak signal-to-noise ratio, often abbreviated PSNR, is an engineering term for the ratio between the maximum possible power of a signal and the power of corrupting noise that affects the fidelity of its representation. Because many signals have a very wide dynamic range, PSNR is usually expressed in terms of the logarithmic decibel scale.

r...e JavaScript range implementation

range_check This is a simple module to validate IP address, check ip address version, check if ip is within a range.

range-component Return a range of integers

range-function Create ranges of integers.

range-index levelup based range index

range-iterator Range iterator that behaves like an Array

range-minimum-query Preprocess an array to find the smallest element in any interval in O(1)

range-selection-parser Parses selection strings

rangebound given a number or a string, returns the ranges you should be querying in the default js string collation

ranged The missing JavaScript range function

rangegen Generate a range between two numbers or letters. Examples: 1-100, a-z, A-Z, a-zz or even A-ZZZZZ.

rangeindex Minimalistic helper for simple operation: put a bunch of [from, to] values and get any selection of them

rangifyjs Transforms from a string of ranges to an array and vice versa

rangy-browser A cross-browser DOM range and selection library

scotty A thin wrapper for real media streaming over HTTP in node.js

selection DOM selection manipulation

selix textarea selection library for the browser

semver-utils Tools for manipulating semver strings and objects

sorted-key-buckets Map a key to a bucket where the keys assigned to each bucket must be sorted. Creates new buckets as needed. used to make sorted string tables.

static-kdtree A kdtree data structure

static-range-query Fast n-dimensional orthogonal range searches for static point sets

strange Range object. Will supports proper exclusive and infinite ranges in the future!

surrange A simple utility for generating ranges that surround a number.

tail-serve stream a file's tail over password protected http

time-format a method to format the span between a time and now

timestamp-range An object representing 2 timestamps - i.e. a 'gap' in time

timestream-filters Filters for sequential objectMode streams (e.g. timeseries data)

topcoat-range Topcoat default range skin

topcoat-range-base Base component for range

translocator Convert line-column locations to ranges and vice-versa.

validity-date-in-range Validity style validator to ensure a property is a date within a given range

validity-number-in-range Validity style validator to ensure a property is numeric and within an upper and lower bound

validity-payment-card-number Validity style validator to validate payment card numbers with the luhn algorithm

validity-unique-property Validity style validator to ensure a property is unique within entities available in a given collection

xrange xrange function for easy numeric iteration

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