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broadcast-pi Broadcasting client and server, Allowing the Raspberry PI (or any other device) to make itself known to registered clients. On OSX it'll send a notification to the notification center

dblite a zero hassle wrapper for sqlite

ds18x20 A node.JS implementation for using the DS1820, DS18S20 and/or DS18B20 temperature sensor with Raspberry Pi.

lcd-pcf8574 LCD i2c module using PCF8574P

lcdjs Write stuff to your LCD device

mini-ph Mini Ph Module, i2c pH measurement with Raspberry Pi

nitrogen Nitrogen is a platform for building connected devices. Nitrogen provides the authentication, authorization, and real time message passing framework so that you can focus on your device and application. All with a consistent development platform that lev

omxdirector Provide a nodejs interface for omxplayer (Raspberry Pi player). Support multiple file and loop.

piface-node Raspberry Pi Piface Addon

piglow javascript interface for the piglow

piglow-animations piglow-animations is an extension for piglow that adds animation capabilities

piglow-cli commandline interface for the piglow

piglow-clock visualize a binary clock via the pimoroni piglow

piglow-system several visualisation utilities for your system

raspicam A Node.js-based controller module for the Raspberry Pi camera based on a command structure similar to Johnny-Five

ubidots Ubidots Node.js API Client

vcgencmd Native binding for vcgencmd.

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