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beambotio Controll Raspberry Pi connected sensors via Tweets and Hashtags. Developed at the MIT Media Lab Workshop

googlebeam Controll Raspberry Pi connected Camera via Tweets and upload images to Google Drive.

joinopenwifi automatically join open and internet connect wireless networks on linux

linux-lock-pi Application for controlling LinuxLock access control system

max7219 Abstraction for the MAX7219 display driver controller

ospi JavaScript binding for Raspberry Pi based Open Sprinkler

ospi-controller A Web Controller and REST interface for Raspberry Pi based irrigation system's sprinkler valve control

rasp2c Node wrapper for the i2c-tools on a Raspberry PI

sensorjs sensor framework and beyond for internt of things

simplespi a simple and easy to use SPI interface for node.js (for raspberry pi etc)

skynet Skynet IoT network and API

tweetapi Tweet images from the RaspberryPi via a mobile interface

wiring-pi Bindings to wiringPi

wiringpi nodejs wrapper for the wiringPi

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