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am2315 Simple async AM2315 Temp and Humidity Sensor library for Raspberry Pi

lcd Hitachi HD44780 LCD driver

led LED control on Linux boards

leddriver a node.js library to control a SPI led driver (p.e adafruit leddriver) with your Raspberry Pi

nrf nRF24L01 driver library

onoff GPIO access and interrupt detection on the BeagleBone or Raspberry Pi

pi-pins GPIO (with interrupts) for embedded Linux machines like Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone

pi-sht1x Raspberry Pi library for SHT1x humidity/temperature sensors.

pi-spi Simple async SPI library for Raspberry Pi

raspi-temp-logger Get the current temperature with a Raspberry Pi, log it to a csv-file

raspirobot SparkFun's RaspiRobot control for Node.js

rf24 Well-behaved async wrapper around C++ RF24 library. Control nRF24L01+ wireless radio communications from a server with SPI/GPIO ports (e.g. Raspberry Pi)

rpi-ws2801 A node.js library to control a WS2801 RGB LED stripe via SPI with your Raspberry Pi

temperature-stream Temperature values as a stream

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