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hubot-rdio Rdio controller for hubot.

music Search and Control Music via the CLI

node-rdio Simple OAuth library to access rdio api

nowplaying Simple node JS event emitter for iTunes/Spotify/Rdio playing/paused events. Wraps Ruby EventMachine Distributed Notification. Mac only.

passport-rdio Rdio authentication strategy for Passport.

play-url Play the song at given URL. Supports Soundcloud, Youtube and Rdio URLs.

rdio API for rdio

rdio-js-api CommonJS Compliant Rdio JavaScript API

simplay Given an artist name it spits out links to playlists and/or search results of similar artists on youtube, and rdio.

songlocator-rdio SongLocator resovler for rdio

soundcontrol Control and manage desktop audio players in Mac OSX

webremix Convert media urls and links to embedded HTML

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