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backbone-react-component Backbone.React.Component is a wrapper for React.Component and brings all the power of Facebook's React to Backbone.js

broccoli-react Convert Facebook React JSX files to JS

clinch YA ComonJS to browser packer tool, well-suited for widgets by small overhead and big app by smart settings

coffee-jsx-transformer (moved) coffee react jsx support

coffee-react Coffeescript compiler wrapper adding coffee-react-transform CSX support

coffee-react-transform React JSX support for Coffeescript

coffee-reactify browserify v2 plugin for coffee-react csx

component-react A plugin to transpile React jsx files for the component builder

connect-jsx Middleware to convert react jsx files to javascript on the fly.

cssobjectify Browserify/dcompose transform to convert CSS into an JSON object

docpad-plugin-react DocPad plugin that adds the ability to render React Components

elucidata-react-coffee Build React components using natural CoffeeScript syntax.

express-react-views This is an Express view engine which renders React components on server. It renders static markup and *does not* support mounting those views on the client.

fez-react Transform React JSX using Fez

fis-parser-react a parser plugin for fis to precompile react

generator-auser A Yeoman generator for Single Page HTML application using CoffeeScript, RequireJS, React and Sass

generator-react Scaffold out a front-end web app with React

generator-react-app A generator for Yeoman with React, jQuery, Backbone, Bootstrap, Browserify, Express and Mongoose

generator-react-gulp-browserify A Yeoman Generator for facebook's React framework with Gulp and Browserify. Also go with livereload and famous Twitter bootstrap sass official.

generator-react-library A generator for React libraries

generator-react-quickstart A generator React apps and libraries

generator-reactjs Scaffold out a front-end web app with ReactJS

grunt-react Grunt task for compiling Facebook React's JSX templates into JavaScript

grunt-reactjsx Compile Facebook React .jsx templates into .js

gulp-react Precompile Facebook React JSX templates into JavaScript

hamburger-basement A hamburger basement component for React and Topcoat

imvvm Immutable MVVM for React

jade-react Compile Jade to React components

jade-reactify jade-reactify =============

jsxc Simple JSX command-line tool

jsxhint Wrapper for JSHint to allow hinting of JSX files

jsxx JSX eXperimental

locator-react React template compiler for locator

markstruct Structured editor for markdown

mercury A truly modular frontend framework

mimosa-react A JSX/React compiler for Mimosa

mincer-jsx JSX engine for Mincer

plexus-form A dynamic form component for react using JSON-Schema.

pointers Syncs a model/collection with an element. Supports two-way syncs. Respects garbage collection and bottom-up rendering. Reactive.

qrcode.react React component to generate QR codes

rcss CSS as JavaScript objects, imported with `require()`.

react React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

react-addons Simple packaging of react addons to avoid fiddly 'react/addons' npm module.

react-ago-component A multi-lingual component for React that renders the approximate time ago in words from a specific past date using an HTML5 time element

react-app Rapid application development with React

react-app-controller React application controller

react-app-middleware Connect/Express middleware for react-app

react-app-server-runtime Minimal Node-based runtime to eval React components on server

react-art React ART is a JavaScript library for drawing vector graphics using [React](

react-async React addon to render async components on server

react-async-input wrap React inputs so that asynchrous updates don't cause the cursor to jump

react-backbone-mixin mixin to emulate conventions from backbone views

react-bem Use your React components as BEM blocks and elements

react-bootstrap Bootstrap 3 components build with React

react-brunch Adds React.js support to brunch.

react-classset classSet() from React.addons

react-controllables Easily create controllable components

react-dom-events Backbone.View like DOM event delegation for React

react-ellipsis React ellipsis component

react-google-analytics Google Analytics component for React

react-icon-rating react component for simple web font backed ratings

react-infinite-scroll React Infinite Scroll =====================

react-inlinesvg An SVG loader for React

react-input-placeholder React Input with Placeholder Shim =======================

react-interpolate-component A component for React that renders elements into a format string containing replacement fields

react-kup react-kup is a simple, non-intrusive alternative to jsx for coffeescript

react-lorem-component A component for React that renders paragraph or list item tags full of lorem ipsum placeholder text

react-map A map component for [React](, the declarative UI library. Allow your React sites to use Google Maps easily.

react-marked A markdown parser built for speed that works with react

react-mediaswitch Choose your DOM based on media queries

react-multiplayer Multiplayer React using Firebase

react-placeholder-shim Form placeholder shim for input and textarea in ie8 and 9.

react-pokemon A react component to display Pokemon

react-profiler Simple interface to ReactDefaultPerf

react-pushstate-mixin React mixin for History API support

react-raf-batching High performance batching strategy for React

react-router-component Declarative router component for React

react-server-example A very simple implementation of server-side React rendering

react-spinner Zero configuration loading spinner.

react-starter CoffeScript starter template in React.js as server/client application.

react-swf Shockwave Flash Player component for React

react-tags Composable HTML tag functions to use with Facebook's React.

react-test-utils export the react test utils to single package

react-textarea-autosize textarea component for React which grows with content

react-time react component for rendering formatted timestamps

react-tools A set of complementary tools to React, including the JSX transformer.

react-topcoat React components for topcoat elements

react-transform Compile react templates for server side rendering

react-translate-component A component for React that utilizes the counterpart module to translate/localize its content

react-virtuallist React component for rendering virtual lists

react-webpack React + Webpack Starter Template

reactdown Write React components with markdown syntax

reactify browserify v2 plugin for react from Facebook to support jsx

reactiscriptsixify browserify v2 plugin for react from Facebook to support jsx with ecmascript 6

reactor-core A small library to help create isomorphic apps in React

reactor-pushstate React mixin to handle HTML5 history

reactor-router Tiny router that mixes in with a React component

recycle Reduce, reuse and recycle your JS

sails-react Integration of fb react into sailsjs.

server-jsx Require and render React's JSX on your node.js server

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