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articlefinder A way to get the content of an article. Similar to readability.

bk-readability bokan's readability.what is the tools only i used.

ep_readability Calculates the Flesch readability index in Etherpad, client based.

node-readability Turning any web page into a clean view.

node-readability-cheerio node-readability的cheerio版。支持GBK、GB2312等编码的网页抓取和解析。Turning any web page into a clean view.

node-readability-edge Turning any web page into a clean view.

normalize.js Normalize HTML

passport-readability Readability authentication strategy for Passport.

readability Arc90's readability.js adapted to node.js

readability-api A Node wrapper for the Readability APIs

readability2 [readability2.js] converts an HTML page into plain text

readabilitySAX the readability script ported to a sax parser

reader An article and content extractor for the server.

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