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cannot Easy and fun error handling, by enforcing human readable messages without compromising machine processing ability.

caterpillar-filter Filter out undesired log levels from your [Caterpillar]( logger stream

caterpillar-human Turn your [Caterpillar]( logger stream into a beautiful readable format with colors and optional debug information

co-read Consume a readable stream generator-style

contentstream Make a readable stream by input content, content could be `String`, `Buffer`, `Object`, `Number` and so on.

controlstream read Streams that have a read function, and pipe to multiple destinations

csv-transform CSV tranform stream

delimiterstream Get delimiter-separated chunks of data from a Readable Stream.

dom-event-stream create a readable stream of dom events given an element

drag-stream streamable mouse drag data

file-size Lightweight filesize to human-readable / proportions w/o dependencies.

filesize JavaScript library to generate a human readable String describing the file size

from Easy way to make a Readable Stream

from2 Convenience wrapper for ReadableStream, with an API lifted from "from" and "through2"

generator-stream function as a stream source

genread Turn any generator into a Readable stream

hprotocol Streaming human readable command protocol

human-format Converts a number to/from a human readable string: `1337` ↔ `1.34kB`

husort Human-readable filesize sorter

jayschema-error-messages Normalises the crazy error objects that get returned from JaySchema

json-parse-stream streaming json parser

json-stringify-stream streaming json stringifier

level-readable leveldb readable stream over the network

memory-streams Simple implmentation of Stream.Readable and Stream.Writable holding the data in memory.

mqstreams MQ pub/sub as streams - based on mqemitter

nebraska Streams the state of another stream.

pg-readable High level shortcut to a readable query result stream for PostgreSQL

plexer Streams2 duplexer.

pretty-bytes Convert bytes to a human readable string: 1337 → 1.34 kB

pretty-error See nodejs errors with less clutter

pretty-ms Convert milliseconds to a human readable string: 1337000000 ➔ 15d 11h 23m 20s

proquint Identifiers that are readable, spellable, and pronounceable

proquint-random-id Generate human-readable random ID's using crypto.randomBytes and proquint

readable make buffers into something you can slice bytes off at will, for when a stream is too much.

readable-stream Streams2, a user-land copy of the stream library from Node.js v0.10.x

readstream read Streams that have a read function

s3ls Readable stream of object keys in a S3 bucket

slugify2 Module to create Human readable urls from string

sqs-stream Wrap Amazon SQS into Readable stream

stread stream string

stream-array Pipe an Array through Node.js streams

stream-reader read the next object off a readable object stream and work on it. Domain safe and battle tested.

stream-simple Readable to Simple stream converter

stream-spectrum A variety of streams to be used in samples and/or tests.

stream-spigot A readable stream generator, useful for testing or converting simple functions into Readable streams.

streamifier Converts a Buffer/String to a readable stream

streaming Transforms and other streaming helpers

streamist Enables functional, promised-based interactions with Readable streams.

stringify-stream Streaming Transform of objects via JSON.stringify

tailstream Streams2 "tail -f" until stopped

thenstream Construct a Readable stream from a thenable. Useful if you don't have the actual stream yet.

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