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babysitter Monitor a connection and automatically reconnect on failure.

eio-reconnect Reconnect code for Simple reconnect wrapper for

erbridge A simplified version of wormhole for server/client IPC. Provides auto reconnection support and bi-directional communication

eversocket A Node.js net.Socket that automatically reconnects on close or timeout.

multilevel-client multilevel client that automatically reconnects

multilevel-reconnected this is a reconnecting and stream resuming multilevel client wrapper.

re-pair reconnect robustness

recant A promise library that violates everything you know about promises.

recon Keep a network connection alive by reconnecting repeatedly

reconnect-core Generic stream reconnection module.

reconnect-engine Reconnect an stream when it goes down.

reconnect-net Reconnect a tcp stream when it goes down.

reconnect-shoe Reconnect a shoe stream when it goes down.

reconnect-tls Reconnect a tls/ssl stream when it goes down.

reconnect-ws Reconnect a websocket stream when it goes down. Ultra Fast auto-reconnecting real-time apps for mobile and slow internet connections

stream-recreate Recreate stream on 'error' and/or 'end'

tenacious-http a streaming http connection which will attempt to reconnect whenever the stream lost

upnode transactional connection queue for dnode

when-connected call an async method with configurable timeout and when connected if reconnect is used

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