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async-walker Async, recursive directory walker with helpers

bloodyroots Recursive descent parser

bystander The ultimate development automation tool.

circular-json JSON does not handle circular references. This version does

cnfg Hierarchical environment configuration for node.js applications

co-fs-plus co-fs plus, supports `fs.walk` `fs.mkdirp` `fs.rimraf` etc.

coffeestand A recursive CoffeeScript watcher also aware of newly added files.

colony In-browser network graphs representing the links between your Node.js code and its dependencies.

commander-config Recursively walks up directories from the current directory to look for settings files to provide defaults for commander.js

config-loader Recursively load JSON config files

confortable Finds the right recursively placed config file

confuse merge arguments and config files recursively up a directory tree

cpr cp -R

deep Utilities for manipulating nested data structures

deep-freeze recursively Object.freeze() objects and functions

deepnotify Takes a root dir and recursively streams present and future files

dir2json convert a directory tree to json representation

directory-stream A stream based directory scanner

dirreader Recursive read the file directory.

dstruc Get directories and files recursively.

easy-file-walker An easy way to walk your file system recursively.

easy-require Wrapper around require that supports paths from the application root and requiring directories as namespaces

easyioc Stupidly simple recursive IoC service provider.

ent-rec Encode and decode recursively strings in a mixed object

extended-fs Extended functionality of fs with additional q-dependent promises adaptation of fs functions

fbRecursiveRequest recursive request to facebook graph api

file-finder Searches directories recursively for files matching search strings

file-walker A Simple file/directory traversal (recusive lookup)

filefetcher Node.js utility; stupidly-simple recursive / non-recursive project file fetcher.

final-fs Promised wrapper for node fs module with usefull additional set of functions.

find-remove recursively finds files and/or directories by filter options from a start directory onwards and deletes these according to plenty of options you can configure. useful if you want to clean up stuff within a directory in your node.js app.

finder Highly configurable file finder for NodeJS (works synchronously or asynchronously)

finder-on-steroids Recursively finds files and directories.

findit walk a directory tree recursively with events

findit2 walk a directory tree recursively with events

flickr-backup Recursively backs up photos to Flickr (with history/state to prevent the same photos from being uploaded again)

fs-extended Extends native fs module with a lot of convenient methods.

fs-extra fs-extra contains methods that aren't included in the vanilla Node.js fs package. Such as mkdir -p, cp -r, and rm -rf.

fs-finder File system recursive finder

fshelpers Some helper functions for more convenient file system operations in NodeJS.

fswatchr A recursive

funny Funny, a jolly helper for functions.

genData A normalization pattern to build, query, and manipulate everything.

gitr perform git commands recursively

hash-dir-contents A simple function for computing the hash of the contents of an entire directory

hash-files A simple function for computing the hash of the contents of one or more files

hashd hash all the files recursively from a specified path, appreciate .ignore files. uses `sha1` by default.

hashdir Hashes content in directory and returning object with file structure and hashes (useful in tests)

he-rec Encode and decode recursively strings in a mixed object

js-infinite-json Circular JSON handler. Parse and stringify objects containing circular references

jsondir Convert JSON to directories and back again.

kd-traverse traverse and transform objects by visiting every node on a recursive walk

ll.js A recursive descent LL(infinite) parser with friendly syntax

lnr Recursively soft links all occurrences of a directory to another one

loadit Asynchronously loads (requires) all files in the given directory and all recursive subdirectories that match the given regular expression.

ls-r recursive ls for node

merge-defaults A recursive version of _.defaults.

merge-dirs node module to synchronously and recursively merge files from one folder to another

merge-recursive A merge utility support recursive merges

mv fs.rename but works across devices. same as the unix utility 'mv'

mvnr perform maven commands recursively

node-dirutils A set of utility functions for working with directories.

node-file-walker A Simple file/directory traversal (recusive lookup)

node-find-files A Node Module for finding files by attributes. Originally developed to find files modified since a particular date.

node-fs-extra fs-extra contains methods that aren't included in the vanilla Node.js fs package. Such as mkdir -p, cp -r, and rm -rf.

normalify Normalize different variable value types - e.g. `"1"` becomes `1`

npm-deps Merges dependencies from multiple package.json files in subdirectories.

object-manage A library for managing javascript objects and offering common getter, setter, merge support.

optimuslime-traverse traverse and transform objects by visiting every node on a recursive walk

package-deps Examine a package.json's dependencies and find all sub-depdendcies.

pedestrian Recursive directory walker for node

rd-parse Generic minimalist recursive descent parser. Define your grammar in pure Javascript.

read-dir-files Recursively read files from a directory

readdir-on-steroids Recursively reads the contents of a directory.

readdir-recursive read directory recursively & output files or dirs

readdirp Recursive version of fs.readdir with streaming api.

readdirrsync Synchronous, recursive readdir. Returns an array of (full) filepaths.

readdirtree reads a dir tree

recquire Recursive require for node

recurse Takes a root dir and recursively streams paths

recursive-cssmin Recursively traverses a directory and minifies all CSS files contained in the directory and its children.

recursive-fs Asynchronous recursive file system operations.

recursive-loader Load modules recursive and save them in an object.

recursive-merge Recursive merge tool for arrays and objects

recursive-require Recursive requiring all js in folder and subfolders

recursive-search Recursively search a file in given directory from name of RegExp

recursive-uglifyjs Recursively traverses a directory and uglifies all JavaScript files contained in the directory and its children.

remove Sync and async rm -r.

requi Require multiple files over multiple directories.

require_tree Recursive Package like Module and JSON Loading for Nodejs

require-children Require directory children as an object.

require-directory Recursively iterates over specified directory, requiring each file, and returning a nested hash structure containing those libraries.

reqursive Take a file and recursively discover all the files loaded in using `require()`.

rex-git A toolkit built in Node.js that makes it easy to perform git operations recursively on a folder and its subfolders.

rex-template Rex-Template recursively compiles all of the Handlebars templates in a folder into a single file, watching for changes afterward.

rjson-search A recursive JSON search for words anywhere within the structure.

rreaddir recursive readdir

rrs readdir-recursive-stream

scandir recursive directory scan with filtering features

scanfs A small library that does a breadth-first walk of the file system, and emits (customizable) events on the way.

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