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f7u12rl Replace faces in any image on the web with rage faces

freddit a reddit api client

imgur-sucker Sucks the images from imgur for a given subreddit and gives you a usable json document containing image vitals.

imgurgitate Download Imgur albums to disk. Download all of a Redditor's albums to disk.

news Hacker news and reddit in the CLI.

node-reddit A Reddit client for node.js

passport-reddit Reddit authentication strategy for Passport.

reddit waste more time on reddit from your command line

reddit-api-generator Generates the Reddit API into various formats

redwrap Redwrap simplifies Reddit API requests by providing an easy to use wrapper with jQuery style chaining.

rereddit A NodeJS wrapper for interfacing with the API.

shares Get Share/Like/Upvote counts for any URL

snoocore A minimal and complete JavaScript driver for the Reddit API.

snuownd JavaScript port of Reddit's SnuDown Markdown parser.

social-submitter Social submitter submits stories to reddit, facebook, hacker news and other social sites

ureddit API Wrapper for the University of Reddit

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