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flowqueues Node.js queuing system using capacity constraints

forerunner-redis-queue Redis queue for forerunner

fts Fast fuzzy unicode full-text-search backed with redis.

generator-mean-redis Yeoman generator for a MEAN stack with Redis and Stylus

generator-ultimate ULTIMATE Yeoman generator for ultimate-seed - full-stack AngularJS + Node.js/Express seed that makes web developers insanely productive.

gevents An extension to node.js events, that adds global events through redis

halocksmith Distributed locking mechanism using haredis

haredis-tmp quick redis server cluster for testing or ephemeral data

hashing A high-performance Redis hash abstraction library for Node

heroku-redis-client redis client that works with heroku redis to go

heroku-redis-flexi A heroku Redis session store wrapper for connect-redis.

hilmi Lightweight cache provider for Node.JS

hiredis-simple Synchronous, blocking simple Redis, hiredis C client binding. Listen for events and execute operations against a Redis server

hubba-adapter-redis Hubba web service adapter that enables interaction with a REDIS server.

inode inode is a better interactive shell

iris-redis Thin node_redis wrapper to connect to Iris Couch's Redis service

jmachado full-stack framework for web apps

jobber-track A simple way to create and see the status of jobs

kckupmq KckupMQ is wrapper library with common interface for different Message Queue implementations

key-factory Creates keys for nosql like dbs.

keys Unified api for node key/value stores

keyword-filter keyword filter for node.js

kickq Kick jobs out the door. Quickly. A job queue for node

kickq-vitals Monitors the vitals of the Kickq Queueing System

koa-limit koa middleware for limit request by ip with redis or memory

koa-redis koa session with redis

koa-redis-cache a middleware for koa to cache response with redis.

kodb A key-object interface to redis.

kue Feature rich priority job queue backed by redis

kue-mod Feature rich priority job queue backed by redis (with unique job support)

kue-sweeper a simple nodejs service to avoid memory leaking when use kue to process millions of jobs by removing kue job immediately upon its completion

kv-redis Redis endpoint for kv

kvs Simple key-value store facade for node.

lastseen track when things were last seen

leverage Leverage is a thin wrapper around the `redis` client that integrates your lua scripts as methods AND supports reliable and fault tolerant Pub/Sub on top of redis.

libris Simple Redis Scripting, with Shared Functions

list-redis A redis queue object

litre Tool for storing and retrieving JSONs in redis.

loadscript non-featureful redis script loader

lockit-redis-adapter Redis adapter for lockit

lockredis Simple locking utility on top of Redis

locksmith distributed locking mechanism using redis

logstash-redis Uber simple Logstash logging using Redis

lost Cache everything.

market-req Market for oauth tokens, based on redis.

medusa A Redis transport and Log server for winston

memoire Simple Redis ORM for Node.js

messageq A reliable delivery pub/sub messaging system.

micro_proxy spawn http proxies on the fly with aws

microbe Hooks up express js,, and redis. Requires Redis server. Exposes method to add api's

min Database on JavaScript

minwq Minimalist work queue backed by Redis

mmmodel Homer's favorite Javascript ORM

mockis A mock of redis

model-redis-sync redis storage adaptor for node-model

mongoose-cachebox Cache mongoose queries in memory, redis or use your own driver

mongoose-notifier Mongoose lifecyle notification system through the redis

mongoose-redis-cache Plugin to cache Mongoose MongoDB query results in Redis

mothermayi MotherMayI is a simple and generic ACL lib for Node.js using Redis.

mredis 管理多个redis服务,消除redis服务的单点问题,并提供调用超时控制

msg-queue A lightweight message queue using either mongodb or redis as the data store.

multipub multi-redis pub/sub

mutual Scala-inspired Actors that use Redis as a message transport

n-pubsub publisher subscriber using redis as back-end

nbuild Set of build helpers

nconf-redis A Redis store for nconf

ndbc A wrapper for MySQL, MongoDB, Redis and Memcache

nedis Redis implementation written with node

nervecord Failproof task queue, redis backended, inspired by nervous system of nemathods

nerves Real time Backbone.js + Node.js (restful with ACL support)

nockpoint Utilizes node and redis for the dynamic creation of mock http request endpoints.

node-anchorman Distributed messaging using redis

node-document-storage-redis Storage adapter `redis` for `node-document` ODM for Node.js.

node-quotas Manage quotas using Redis and NodeJS.

node-redis-apn Apple Push Notification service with Node.js and Redis

node-redis-cluster a redis cluster abstraction over node-redis

node-redis-dump Backup and restore your Redis data written in node.js.

node-redis-embed Redis embedding package for Node

node-redis-events publish and subscribe to application events across redis

node-redis-failover redis failover solution based on ZooKeeper

node-redis-lua Loads multiple Lua scripts to node-redis instances

node-redis-pubsub Redis PubSub client for Node

node-redis-scripty Redis script manager for node.js

node-redis-warlock Battle-hardened distributed locking using redis

node-resque an opinionated implementation of resque in node

node-resquebus an implementation of resquebus in node

node-rmq Message Queue powered by Redis

node-rr save redis data to riak

node-stash Distributed cache using Redis and in-memory LRU

node-stream-cache Stream things into a redis cache

node-taskman node-taskman is a node.js implementation of taskman worker. Taskman is a worker system that can be piloted directly in redis.

nodecache Simple and powerful Cache Module for NodeJS.

nodredis A really simple Redis Client for Node.js

nodredismsg Messaging framework for Redis

nohm-extend provide a way to extend nohm models

norq A loosely-ordered random-access queue for JSON documents implemented with Node.js and Redis.

npush n:push Real Time Messaging System by Newicon Ltd.

nutcracker Node.js client library for the nutcracker.

object-store In Memory Object Store which supports redis, memcached, and lru-cache

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