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obsy atomic object/namespace sync across processes using observe and redis

online Track online user activity with redis

orchard read-through caching via redis via bluebird

orpheus Redis Object Model for CoffeeScript

orz A simple redis data layer framework

osmos-odm A general purpose, strict, simple ORM for Node.js apps

palanquin A Redis-based session store for Node.js.

pantry A JSON/XML resource caching library based on Request

PassiveRedis Node ORM for Redis

photoalbum Session manager for journeyman with redis

pirate A simple storage interface with adapters for different storage systems

po-redis Redis driver for persisted objects

polyclay a schema-enforcing model class for node with optional key-value store persistence

polyclay-redis redis persistence adapter for polyclay, the schema-enforcing document mapper

pool-redis Pool redis connections for Node.JS

pooldis Redis client with pooled connections and promises

pq A Redis-backed job queue with priority

predis Redis interface with promises

prefix-completer Simple redis-backed library for managing and querying an autocomplete dictionary.

qb A super-simple service-provider framework.

qp Queue management, similar to that of kue

queuepasa Crazy simple redis-backed scheduling

raccoon A Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Engine for Node.js utilizing Redis

rapid Redis ORM-ish api

rcluster redis cluster

rdb-parser async streaming parser for redis RDB dumps

rdb-tools Redis RDB parsing, filtering and creating tools

record-orm A simple redis orm based on Nohm

recurrent redis-backed recurrent job manager

redadder redadder is a simple redis ORM for node.js. It implements simple access to object properties saved in redis, supporting all the redis data-types.

reddish GUI for Redis

reddish-proxy Proxy for Reddish

redex Realtime full text indexing powered by redis & node.js.

redic.js Inspired from [Redic](

rediffs Diff two redis instances

redim Simple Redis models for simple Node.js projects

redis Redis client library

redis_hash redis hash wrapper

redis_message_capsule Send messages between node or rails apps asynchronously (via redis).

redis_shard A pure Javascript Redis sharding module.

redis_util A collection of utilities for node-redis.

redis-admin A smart and fast web interface for redis

redis-api KidoZen Node.js Redis Connector

redis-atomic-json Atomic JSON operations for Redis.

redis-audit a redis-backed audit log module for NodeJS

redis-authorization Node authorization system built on redis

redis-autocompleter A redis completer using Sebastian's trie algorithm:

redis-benchmark-parser Parses Redis Benchmark results and lets you compare one result with other

redis-broadcast Write redis commands to a set of redises efficiently

redis-cache A short-term redis caching module for passing data around by keys

redis-cached A cache wrapper with redis

redis-cachify Simple Redis Caching Library

redis-callback Callbacks through redis to make cross-server calls a breeze

redis-client Redis client for Node.js

redis-cluster-client Automatic Redis Failover

redis-commander Redis web-based management tool written in node.js

redis-commands Redis commands implemented in javascript (learning purpose only)

redis-completer A redis completer using Sebastian's trie algorithm:

redis-connection-pool Redis client connection pool

redis-connector ERROR: No file found!

redis-convoy Redis-backed job queueing

redis-convoy-solaris Redis-backed job queueing

redis-dirty-hash Convenience wrapper for Redis hashes, with dirty tracking

redis-dns Simple DNS server configured using redis. Based on iriscouche's dnsd:

redis-dump Dump redis database into redis commands or json with command line or node.js

redis-eval A small package to manage redis EVAL SCRIPT caching and EVALSHA calling.

redis-evalsha Convenience wrapper for Redis EVAL/EVALSHA

redis-event Distributed pub/sub events based on redis

redis-eventemitter Redis pubsub using an event emitter

redis-exp-lock Distributed lock using Redis and Lua

redis-first The first redis write wins, the rest get that value

redis-futon Redis Web Interface

redis-generic-pool Connection pool (using generic-pool) for node-redis

redis-geo redis geo-ip lokup

redis-graph a graph database using redis sets

redis-ha Redis high-availability client library

redis-hash Convenience wrapper for Redis hashes

redis-histogram histogram binning in redis

redis-hll A Redis backed HyperLogLog implementation for node.js.

redis-identity maps external id's into sequential id's

redis-job-queue A job queueing system for redis written in NodeJS

redis-jsi We use a slightly strange redis structure. We use lots of hashes, where the values are the indexes of other hashes and values in redis. Lots of guids. This lets you dump such a structure from redis into a javascript object, and hands it to you in a node repl

redis-keyshape Easily, consistently, clearly access redis keys.

redis-keyspace redis namespacing for node

redis-lock A locking primitive using redis.

redis-locking-worker Event based implementation of global worker locks using Redis

redis-lockr A redis lock implementation.

redis-lua Adds lua scripting to node_redis

redis-lua-helper A helper package to load lua scripts for redis featuring a #include macro

redis-lua2 Adds lua scripting to node_redis

redis-manager Simple library to share redis clients in a code base

redis-mass Node.js package to encode a sequence of Redis commands into Redis protocol, suitable for mass insertion

redis-migrate CLI tool to create and run redis key migrations

redis-modelize Represent your model as a json object, and use redis as backend

redis-monitor Monitor all your Redis

redis-mq A message queue utilizing redis' pub/sub system

redis-multi-set multi dimensional redis sets

redis-namespace redis namespacing for node

redis-node A Complete Redis Client for Node.js

redis-node-2darray Use 2D arrays in redis with node

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