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redis-notifier Redis Keyspace Event Notifier

redis-ns This module enables you to create Redis namespaces.

redis-objects Simple nodejs port of the redis-objects ruby gem

redis-paired-worker A job worker solution that is robust, concurrent and highly available for Node.js using redis.

redis-plan MQ for nodejs

redis-protocol implement your server with the redis protocol

redis-proximity geohash proximity library for nodejs using redis

redis-pubsub Simple pub/sub interface to Redis

redis-pubsub-emitter A redis pubsub client that extends EventEmitter

redis-pusher A Node.js application that consumes messages published on Redis channels and send them as Push Notifications via APNS or GCM.

redis-record Simple ORM for Redis written in coffee-script

redis-repository A repository structure using redis as the underlying storage

redis-reservation Resource reservation (locking) libraries using a Redis backend, with customizable timeouts and keep-alive support.

redis-row-stream stream items into a redis instance for storage

redis-rstream redis-rstream - node.js redis read stream which streams binary or utf8 data in chunks from a redis key using an existing redis client (streams2)

redis-scanstreams A streaming interface to the Redis SCAN (SCAN, SSCAN, HSCAN, ZSCAN) commands in Redis 2.8.x+

redis-scripto Redis Lua Script Manager for NodeJS

redis-scripts Script manager module for Redis Lua script functionality.

redis-search redis-search is a very light-weight search engine for node.js using redis. This module is an implementation of [n-gram method]( This is a light general purpose search library that could be integrated into a blog, a documentation server, etc.

redis-sentinel Redis sentinel client for nodejs

redis-sentinel-client Transparent Redis Sentinel client

redis-sentinel-js A sentinel monitor and client lib with bundled failsafes for providing a high availability connection to a redis cluster.

redis-sessions An advanced session store for Redis

redis-shard-api A pure Javascript port version of Python's RedisShardAPI

redis-store Store plugin to map store with redis hashkey

redis-stream create arbitrary node.js streams to and from redis

redis-sync redis replication slave

redis-tag Tag system using redis

redis-tagging Fast and simple tagging of (sorted) items

redis-throttle A Node.js module that helps with rate limiting

redis-timeseries Manage timeseries data storage in Redis with ease

redis-tool Redis-tool - Tools for redis

redis-types Redis type classes: lists, hashes, sets, ...

redis-utils ## install

redis-watchtower A client library for Redis Sentinel

redis-web Connect middleware to proxy redis commands and pub/sub to a browser.

redis-worker Event based implementation of global worker locks using Redis

redis-wstream redis-wstream - node.js redis write stream which streams binary or utf8 data into a redis key using an existing redis client (streams2)

redis.pubsub A Redis Publish-Subscribe wrapper, with message queries

redis2json Consolidates redis keys data into a solid JavaScript object

redisc create redis clients with connection strings

rediscache Simple Node.js based Redis cache for storing large collections of data.

redisclient a lightweight wrapper around mrraney's redis lib to make it easier to adapt to backpressure

rediscomplete A fully CRUD redis autocomplete engine inspired from the antirez and patshaughnessy blogs.

redises Redis client API compatible, transparent pooling support.

redisfactory NodeJs RedisFactory

redisfs Utility for moving files in and out of Redis

rediskit Redis backed data structures

redislite Redis client for nodejs with single and simple.

redism A redis connection manager

redismq This module was implemented redis queue.

redispade Spade, a Redis Client

redisparse Streaming Redis response parser

redispump pump stdout to redis

redispump_factual pump stdout to redis

redisq Fast redis based queue

redisrpc RPC via Redis for Node.js objects

redisuri Validate and parse Redis URI connection schemes

redisurl Create a redis client from a url

redjs A redis library for node.js

redmess A redis pub/sub using lists to achieve persistence

redobj redis object data mapper

redpack Simple Scalable RPC using Redis & BSON

redream Mongoose like wrapper for redis

reds Redis search for node.js

redshed A scheduler system backed by redis

redsindex Branch of Reds (Redis search for node.js)

redsip Redis search (with word prefix) for node.js

redsmin Redsmin proxy daemon for the Redsmin service

redsplit Helper functions for splitting redis host strings into usable JavaScript objects

reduler A redis-backed distributed task scheduler.

refix Namespacing redis client proxy

reflip key-value-store-backed feature flipping middleware for connect/express.js

relyq A reliable redis-backed queue.

remq Redis-backed durable message queue

resist A Distributed Reverse Caching Proxy

reskit Redis backed data structures for Node.js

resourceful-redis resourceful redis engine

respirator Watch keys in redis. Send a pubsub message when they expire or go away.

resque resque (a redis-backed work queue) for node

rest-rsmq A RESTful interface for rsmq

rest-sessions A REST interface for redis-sessions

rest-tagging A REST interface for redis-tagging

restify-cache Restify cache using Redis

restify-session Session manager for REST server without cookies

rex-redis A small collection of utilities to simplify development in a Redis-powered environment.

rhom Redis Hash-Object Mapper mixin

rlock distributed lock for nodejs using redis

roads-models A Node.js model system for mysql and redis

rolodex Node account management system using redis

ron Redis ORM for NodeJs.

ronny-cache Cache your asynchronous functions transparently in Redis or in-memory

roose Extremely simple, promise based Redis object modeling tool.

rounded-timestamp rounded timestamp utilities

rpq redis persistent queue

rsmq A really simple message queue based on Redis

rtags Tag management system backed by Redis

rtrie Trie based search for autocompletes with Redis.

rts Redis storage for timeseries data.

rudolf Simple Task-Management Framework using redis as job queue.

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