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account-couch Implement the accounts interface using a couchdb backend

basic-auth-mongoose Mongoose plugin for password-based user authentication.

entrance Easy authentication module adapted from WordPress.

foundry-release-pypi pypi release library for foundry

IO Rapid Testing of available/unavailable .IO TLDs w/ WordLists

iv A dependency injection tool.

lag.register The lag function register() as a standalone module.

linearscan Linearscan register allocator

lockit-signup signup module for lockit

members-area-register-of-members Register of Members plugin for members-area

prng-lfsr seedable, seeded, pseudo random number generator, prng, linear feedback shift register, fibonnaci, galois, lfsr

register-js A compatible layer for node projects to support require feature on both browser and node. Also, provide complex file loading features for browser. And it also support to load JSON files.

tent-auth Tent app auth flow implementation.

tld-io Rapid Testing of available/unavailable .IO TLDs w/ WordLists

userbook LevelDB Based Module To Store And Manage Users

xmpp-ftw-register In-band registration (XEP-0077) plugin for XMPP-FTW

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