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beacon assign ports for you net services.

bower-registry Simple bower registry using node and redis.

chnpm Switch between npm registries with fuzzy matching Private npm registry and web for Enterprise, base on MySQL and Simple Store Service

component-wiki component wiki package fetcher

couch-replicator-api A simple Node API for the couch _replicator database

couchpkgs Grab a list of all packages in a npm couch database

datapackage Like npm but for data packages!

dock-sync sync all docker images with docker registries (pull if out-of-date, push if newer)

dpm-stan A client for data package registry

dpm2 Like npm but for data packages!

envpm npm registry environment manager

getpackages Fetch the information for packages inside the npm registry

grunt-jquery-json Grunt plugin that builds and validates a jquery.json package manifest.

inpm Checks if the given module name is present in npm registry.

inst Faster npm installs via caching whole node_module dir

kappa A hierarchical npm-registry proxy to make private registries easier. (Based on npm-delegate by @jden)

ldc linked data container manager

ldpm linked data container manager

micro-modules Micro implementation of commonjs modules.

mountie compose web servers behind host headers and mount paths

nopar Abstrakt Node Package Registry & Proxy

npm_lazy Lazy local npm cache server

npm-delegate a hierarchical npm-registry proxy to make private registries easier

npm-dep-chain Get all the NPM dependencies for a module / set of modules (goes down the stack, for all the subdependencies etc)

npm-fullfat-registry Make a registry with all attachments intact

npm-mirror npm-mirror ==========

npm-pkginfo Lightweight version of npm-registry-client#get with configurable cache stores.

npm-probe Probe npm registries for statistics

npm-protect CLI utility to modify a package.json to use a private npm registry

npm-proxy-cache HTTP/HTTPS caching proxy for work with `npm` utility / registry

npm-registry An high available npm registry client

npm-registry-couchapp The CouchApp implementation of an npm registry

npm-registry-mock mock the npm registry

npm-search-downloads Adds download counts to 'npm search'

npm-server local npm registry w/ real registry fallback

npm-skim-registry Move attachments into Manta and out of the registry

npm-user-validate User validations for npm

npmjsus npm package east coast mirror

npmm npm registry manager

nrm NPM registry manager can help you easy and fast switch between different npm registries, now include: snpm, cnpm, eu, au, sl(strongloop), nj(nodejitsu)

pier replicate a seaport service registry for fast local in-memory access or redundancy

plugman-registry Registry manager for cordova-plugman

pnum A wrapper for smart-private-npm that loads all of your private modules

registry-validator Validate your npm registry implementation, check if it correctly implements the npm protocol.

rig A barepipe platform for node webapps

seaport service registry and port assignment for clusters

seaport-haproxy Sync seaport and haproxy to keep your services balanced

searsport service registry and port assignment for clusters. Based on seaport by substack but with some additional fixes

service-locator service-locator helps keep your system decoupled by providing a central location where your application information can be found by other parts of you application.

service-registry A simple registry to associated versioned service names with host/ip info

service-registry-client Node.js client for Rackspace Service Registry.

service-registry-wrapper Process wrapper which allows you to register arbitrary long-running process with Rackspace Service Registry.

servicelocator Central location to register and locate services within a Node.js application.

silent-npm-registry-client Npm registry client that doesn't spam stdout/stderr

simple-bower-registry A very simple implementation of a bower 1.0 registry server that can be used to host a private registry.

simple-registry A simple registry for saving and retrieving objects and values.

sinopia Private npm repository server

smart-private-npm An intelligent routing proxy for npm with support for: private, whitelisted, and blacklisted packaged

spaceport decentralized service registry for nodejs

super-registry super registry

tennu-recursive-command-registry Recursive command registry to replace the basic command registry in Tennu.

thalassa A lightweight service registry using Redis inspired by Seaport

thalassa-haproxy Sync thalassa and haproxy to keep your services balanced

thalassa-http-client A simple http client for Thalassa that doesn't require ZeroMQ

tipm-wiki tipm wiki package fetcher

unpm private npm registry in node

voxel-registry A shared registry for managing item and block IDs (voxel.js plugin)

w Bindings to the win32 api via ffi

wiki-registry Github wiki-driven registry scraper

winreg provides access to the windows registry through the REG tool

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