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anymatch Matches strings against configurable strings, globs, regular expressions, and/or functions

anysort Sorting and matching utility using configurable string, glob, regular expression, and/or function matchers

clone-regexp Clone and modify a RegExp instance

easypattern EasyPattern is a readable alternative to regular expressions

exparser A string scanner/parser for finding sequences of expressions.

frep A find and replace utility. Modify strings by passing an array or object of RegExp or string replacement patterns

gex Glob expressions for JavaScript

hubot-substitute Regex substitute script for hubot

ire A regular expression scripting language

is-regex Is this value a JS regex?

like build a regex from user input for filtering data

matchstick A utility to turn string patterns into regular expressions.

node-flux Node.js port of Flux

non-ascii Regular expression for matching non-ASCII characters

oregex Regular Expression Grammar for Objects instead of Strings

pattern-emitter Event emitters with support for regular expressions

pstrscan A simple, fast string tokenizer for lexical scanning operations.

reg-comments Allow comments in JavaScript regular expressions

regex Native RegExp compatible regular expressions for JavaScript. Patterns may be composed of subexpressions and multiple expressions may be combined into a single expression.

regex-extract extracts text out of the first capturing group

regexp-escape Provides RegExp.escape function for quoting text for a regular expression.

regexplained The module for rendering diagrams on

regular A collection of Javascript regular expressions

reparse A parser combinator library like Parsec.

sregex simple string regular expression that exposes matches in defined variables

vs-rebuilder Thin wrapper around RegExp that helps to build complex regular expressions

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