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exp RegExp library based on underscore js

file-pattern Flexible pattern matching library for filenames and paths.

glob-to-regexp Convert globs to regular expressions

grunt-frep A find and replace Grunt plugin, based on frep. Replace strings with an array or object of RegExp or string replacement patterns.

is-regex Is this value a JS regex?

micromustache A stripped down version of the {{mustache}} template engine with JavaScript

oniguruma oniguruma regular expression library

randexp Create random strings that match a given regular expression.

regexemitter An event emitter which takes regular expressions & strings for event names. Well tested and available in vanilla javascript for the browser or server.

ret Tokenizes a string that represents a regular expression.

simpexp Generate the simplest string that matches a given regular expression.

simple-capture Extremely simple RegExp style string captures

stew-select CSS selectors that allow regular expressions. Stew is a meatier soup.

substance-regexp Against frustration with native RegExp's.

unicoderegexp Regular expressions for various Unicode character classes extracted from XRegExp

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