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ae-rekuire 'rekuire' is basically node's 'require' without the relative paths

ago A tool for calculating relative timestamps to now.

beforesort Sort an item in a collection relative to other items based on it's before/after attribute

bring A more natural and intelligent way (as opposed to the default 'require' function) to import packages to your nodejs application.

damals Reports the approximate time ago in words from a specific past date

damerau-levenshtein Damerau - Levenshtein distance by The Spanish Inquisition + relative distance

grunt-relative-root Relativize absolute paths in HTML and CSS

gulp-flatten remove or replace relative path for files

handlebars-helper-asset Handlebars helper for generating a relative path from the current file to the specified asset (CSS, JavaScript, image, icon etc.).

handlebars-helper-rel Handlebars helper for generating a relative link from the current page to the specified page.

includemvc Helpers to require files without the relative paths.

kurdish-time Parses times written in simple Kurdish to unix time.

meta-path Provides metadata information about resource paths (file system and shared network)

ng-time-relative Directive making date elements display time relatively

path-is-inside Tests whether one path is inside another path

rekuire 'rekuire' is basically node's 'require' without the relative paths

rel-svg-path define a path using only relative points

rel-to-abs Convert relative URLs to absolute URLs given an HTML source

relateurl Minify URLs by converting them from absolute to relative.

relative Easily calculate the relative path from file A to file B in Node.js project. Will calculate correctly from a file to a directory, file to file, directory to file, and directory to directory.

relative-date Javascript module for outputting relative dates.

relative-date-component Relative date in words

relative-fs Wraps function from the fs module to make their path arguments relative to a another directory

relquire yes, it's another wrapper for node's require.*

require-module Requires a module found relative to given root or working directory.

require-relative require and resolve modules relative to a path of your choice

requirefrom Require from a directory relative to node_modules, flattening your require paths.

requirelib Requires libraries from ./lib or ./lib-cov

rfile Require a plain text or binary file in node.js

rhtml 'Require' minified HTML as a string

root-require For use in tests only! require() using a relative path from the root directory of the present module

ruglify 'Require' minified JavaScript as a string

rwd Warns if the process has been started with the wrong cwd

smart-time-ago a simple lib to update the relative time on your page

toplevel Toplevel lets you require node modules relative to the toplevelevel of your code

turkish-time Parses times written in simple Turkish to unix time.

url2 Node's URL module plus relative pathing

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