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aux Simplify running commands on multiple systems

bconfig Structures a requirejs config into shim and remote objects to easier interface with browserify.

bespoke-sync Cross-client synchronization for Bespoke.js presentations

breaker Host

breakpoint remote debugger tool. Console log and breakpoint are supported

bromote Tool to setup and require remote scripts with browserify.

chix-loader-remote Remote Component Loader for Chiχ

chrome-har-capturer Capture HAR files from a remote Chrome instance

chrome-rdebug Full implementation of the chrome/webkit remote debugging protocol. Implemented to use as the bridge for AppJS v2.0

chrome-remote-interface Chrome Remote Debugging Protocol interface

cloud remote scripting like capistrano / fabric for managing clusters

clusterd clusterd - node js cluster daemon

code-proxy A debug tool to proxy js code execution from one browser to another.

crafity-nodemanager Manage multiple node instances

crconsole Remote JavaScript console for Chrome/Webkit

crd Chrome Remote Debugging

crow a remote URL tester for the terminal

curling A simple wrapper around curl with a easy to use interface.

daily-protocol daily - The protocol encoder and decoder for network communcation

deliver Deliver local and remote static files

dial-a-device-node dial-a-device-node ==================

direktor Executes SSH commands on multiple servers in parallel

dnode-ez dnode made even easier!

duplex-emitter Duplex Event Emitter

editr Edit remote files with your local editor

execly Streaming process executor, local and remote

fetch-upload-s3 fetch an asset (a picture for instance) from a remote server and upload it to S3 (and remove the local copy). Or upload a local file on S3

flightplan Library for streamlining application deployment or systems administration tasks

freebox-player Freebox player api (remote)

freebox-remote-keyboard Send local keyboard presses to a remote freebox player

fromjson The simplest and most obvious remote object superclass that I could think of.

git-ls-remote A very simple interface to git ls-remote

git-net JS-Git adapter to create remote instances from urls and platforms.

git-origin-url Retrieve the git remote origin URL of the current repo.

git-remote API for pushing/fetching objects to/from git repositories

gopro API for controlling GoPro Hero 3 series cameras

gopro_hero_api Control you GoPro camera remotely with the Node.js GoPro API. Aiming to be the most comprehensive api possible; you can access a wide array of settings, power your device on or off and, most importantly, backup your videos/images remotely over wifi.

grunt-concat Concatenate files with remote supports.

grunt-contrib-remotecordova > Serve cordova plugin files remotely.

grunt-git-selective-deploy Create a new branch on-the-fly from your git repo and selectively deploy files to any remote branch.

grunt-rsync A Grunt task for accessing the file copying and syncing capabilities of the rsync command line utility. Uses the rsyncwrapper npm module for the core functionality.

grunt-rsync-2 Copy files to a (remote) machine with rsync. supports maps with target:source entries

grunt-rsync-rabhw A Grunt task for accessing the file copying and syncing capabilities of the rsync command line utility. Uses the rsyncwrapper npm module for the core functionality.

grunt-ssh SSH and SFTP tasks for Grunt

grunt-testacular A grunt wrapper for running tests with testacular.

gulp-ssh SSH and SFTP tasks for gulp

hopjs-remote Remote API Helper and tools for Hopjs

http-callback Create unique http endpoints for remote callbacks.

httprequire A way to include remote node.js modules

imp-client IMP client

impress-server Enables remote presentations with impress.js

iowamp WAMP™ server in NodeJS

itunescontrol Search and play tracks from local iTunes library.

js-debuggy Remote interactive javascript debug console based on node.js and

json-rpc A simple and lightweight NodeJs JSON-RPC 2.0 implementation including object wrapping.

karma Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript.

karma-cli The Karma command line interface.

l8 l8 is an experimental pthread/erlang inspired task manager for javascript. Simple tasks becomes 'paroles', complex tasks become functions broken in 'steps'. l8 comes with synchronisation and distribution tools including semaphores, mutexes, message queues, generators, actors and proxied actors, among others.

levelnet remote API for levelUP

logbook Log all data passing through process.stdout and process.stderr

markdown-watch Markdown compiler + live reload written in nodejs, great for quick-editing markdown files.

members-area-remote-auth Remote authentication to the members area, e.g. for Wordpress/MediaWiki.

mschema-rpc Minimalistic Remote Procedural Call library using mschema validation for remote method's input and output.

msgpack-rpcjs A pure JS implementation of the msgpack rpc

node-firefoxos-cli Firefox OS command line commander

node-jest Node.js enhanced JSON-RPC library


nodecopter-leap control your drone with the Leap Motion controller

nodecopter-remote build your own Arduino remote control and create commands for the Parrot AR Drone

onkyo.js Onkyo receiver remote control

opencommandio A web-based parallel SSH console for managing multiple linux servers.

osx-wifi-volume-remote A web-based html5 / node.js app to control OS X system volume from iPhone, Android, etc

paraffin Javascript tests made easy

pieshop A javascript interface for Tastypie supporting Django-style querying

prey They can run but they can't hide.

primus-resource Define resources with auto-binded methods that can be called remotely on top of Primus.

pw-grunt-rsync A Grunt task for accessing the file copying and syncing capabilities of the rsync command line utility. Uses the rsyncwrapper npm module for the core functionality.

queen A platform for running scripts on many browsers

queen-monitor-plugin A monitoring endpoint for queen

queen-populator-plugin Adds populator support to queen

queen-remote Rule browsers remotely, remotely

rcl Remote Client Logging

remote Work on client-side files with a remote API server transparently

remote_address_parser get ip remote address

remote_event Event System Based on ZMQ

remote_js Command-line remote javascript console to debug your mobile web app

remote-exec Execute shell commands on one or more remote computers via SSH

remote-init remote json file

remote-origin-url Get the git remote origin URL from your local git repository. Remember! A remote origin must exist first!

remoteip Get the client IP address for the remote browser.

remotelog Log library with multiple transports: console [colored], file, network, socket

remotely Run given command remotely via SSH

remoteobjects Remote objects in a distributed peer-to-peer network

resolve-git-remote Resolves the remote url of the local git repository in the current folder.

robotremote A remote keyword server and client for the generic test automation suite Robot Framework.

robotremoteserver A remote keyword server for the generic test automation Robot Framework.

roku control your roku from node

rpyc-stream A simple, one-file Python RPC System that is based on Streams allowing for cross-language/SSH usage.

rsyncwrapper An async wrapper to the rsync command line utility for Node.js.

rsyncwrapper-rabhw An async wrapper to the rsync command line utility for Node.js.

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